Atascocita Animal Hospital

Atascocita Animal Hospital is a cutting edge facility with a homelike atmosphere. We are proud to provide your family animal with the most innovative veterinary healthcare available today, all in a kind and caring environment. Atascocita Texas Information.

Atascocita Animal Hospital supplies diagnostic, surgical, medical, dental, x-ray, lab, endoscopy and preventive medical services for pet dogs, cats and other domestic family pets.

Our surgical treatment suites and intensive care units are perhaps the most impressive of any animal healthcare facility in our area. Surgical treatment tables have hydraulic lifts and built-in heating to keep our patients warm during surgical procedures. Our ICU has automated, sliding glass doors that serve a dual purpose: they protect patients and give them a quiet, comfy place to recuperate, and they also enable close visual monitoring by medical professionals and nursing staff.

Veterinary Economics voted Atascocita Animal Hospital of the Year in 2007. We are AAHA recognized and are qualified for a backyard habitat classification by the National Wildlife Federation and Texas Parks and Wildlife. Our lovely Texas sandstone facade is complimented by extensive, rich landscaping which consists of a cascading waterfall and quiet pond.