The Critter Team is nuisance wildlife removal company that specializes in bat removal. Bats are commonly referred to as a nuisance or pest since they frequently make their home in our house or business. Most often we get calls like: we have a  bat in the attic, bats living in chimney,  bats swarming my house. Bat colonies can quickly become a huge problem in your home due to guano build up. The smell is very unpleasant, and is a breeding ground for histoplasmosis which is a fungal disease which is transferable to humans who breathe it in. This could be a concern of yours or your family. Bats become nuisance bats when they make your building their home. They are also a carrier of rabies

Bats are actually very beneficial to our environment, just not in our buildings. They help keep the insect population down. There are many false statements or thoughts about bats such as: bats are not blind, and bats do not fly aggressively. The bats are actually either just taking flight from their nesting spot or chasing a bugs.

Bat Control for Houston

If you have seen bats entering the house in the morning, or an unexplainable pile of what appears to be rat droppings on the ground you need to call a professional. Houston wildlife removal are very successful with bat exclusion work or getting bats out and keeping them that way. Bats are a very painstakingly slow and detailed work, if you miss the smallest of places they may just move to another place on your building. We solve that problem by doing extremely thorough work to resolve the bats. We take very special care to keep our Houston Tx bats out of our living or working areas

Again bats are not bad, its just bad when you have bats in house. The Critter Team will come to your location and conduct an inspection. Call us at 281-667-0171 if you have any question or want to schedule an appointment.