Bat Control Humble Tx

Bats in the Humble Texas area have began to move at an alarming rate. Our baby bats are grown enough to fly. Although they are still a little clumsy and do get lost. This is one of the many reasons why you may end up with a bat in the house. Humble Tx has a frequent problem with bat in the attic. We remove all the bats and do an honest assessment of your attic. If the attic is contaminated with guano, we do provide a guano removal service. The Humble Tx Bat Removal experts have extensive training and use many methods for removing bats.

Bat exclusions

Humble Bat Control professionals also provide others services related to bats to include;

  • bat removal
  • bat control
  • guano clean up (bat droppings)
  • bat exclusion
  • attic restoration
Bat Control

Bat entry point at corner of bricks

Bat entry points have a large variety locations. They love to be up higher away from predators and also so that they may take flight once they exit the structure. They can enter into places most would never imagine, they can fit through a hole roughly as small as 3/8 of an inch. If you see bats exiting or entering your home be sure to call the professionals at Humble Bat Removal