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  • Homes With Bat Problems 12% 12%
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The Critter Team offers many different bird removal services, but the most common type of bird removal is a bird in a vent. Whether it is a bathroom vent or a dryer vent we can help resolve the problem.

A hole on the side of home a bird made a nest in.


The main reason a bird enters a vent is to make a nest to have babies. A vent makes a bird feel safe because it an area where they feel protected and predators wont go in and take their young. But that can cause problems for the homeowner. A bird will break the slats that the vent has to go into it. Some homeowners wont realize that birds are in there until the vent it completely closed off because of the nest or nests; and that can cause a fire hazard if it is in a dryer vent.


Our goal is to remove the bird, the nest, the eggs, and to sanitize the vent and replace the vent cover so birds can not return again. Once our wildlife service operator concludes the inspection it is crucial that we start work right away. Depending where the vent is located, our removal process will vary. In townhomes many vents are on the roof, but typically the vent is located on the side of a home.

The wildlife service operator is specialized in ensuring that we properly remove the bird and the nest. Once we have removed nest and babies or eggs we treat the vent with a special sanitization spray that disinfects the area. Birds can carry bird mites; which can cause respiratory infections; so it is very effective to have the vent sanitized. Having the vent cover repaired or replaced is essential on keeping birds out, and we can do that too!