Dead Animal Removal


There are many times where animals unfortunately die in or under someone’s home. Don’t worry we can handle that for you. Animals typically choose a dark place to die and more than likely it’s either in an attic or under someone’s home.
Once they die, their body starts the decaying process. That in itself can cause quite the problem for the homeowner or business owner because of the smell. Our trained wildlife service operators will come in to any place of residence and remove the dead animal and anything that has been contaminated from it.  The dead animal smell can be one of the worst things anyone can smell.
Our WSO (wildlife service operators) will go in any situation and find where the animal has died and remove the animal carcasses along with anything else that has dead animal reminents. Once the area is clean of dead animal, the technician will apply an oxidizing agent that will neutralize the smell. It will be like the smell or animal was never there!

On the off occurrence the WSO can not find the animal because nature has taken over and the animal has completely decomposed we will sanitize the area to make sure there will not be  a secondary problem and apply an oxidizing agent to neutralize the smell.

There is nothing that our wildlife service operators cant do! Let us help with any need you may have.