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Bat Control & Decontamination Services

Do you need Texas bat removal services for bats in your attic? There’s a good chance bats have moved into your home or business if you’ve been hearing strange squeaking or scratching sounds at night. Bat removal, control, and exclusion are all services provided by The Critter Team, a leading residential and commercial animal removal company.

Bats are a natural part of the environment, but you don’t want a colony of them in your home or business. Bat infestations are associated with serious health risks. Call The Critter Team today at (281) 667-0171 for a consultation and estimate whether you have one flying around your bedroom at night or suspect a colony is living in your attic. The Critter Team has the expertise and knowledge to locate and remove any bat species from any location.

The Critter Team’s Bat Control Services Are Expert And Humane

State and federal laws protect many wild animal species, including several bat species. The Critter Team deals with bat infestations safely and humanely. One of our wild animal control specialists will conduct an inspection to determine how the bats are getting into the building. We can also provide bat clean-up, guano removal, and insulation replacement services after they’ve been humanely excluded and prevented from returning.

Have Bats Invaded Your Attic?

Photo of bats roosting in atticScratching and squeaking noises coming from a wall, ceiling, or chimney are signs that bats have entered your home or building, as previously stated. Because bats are nocturnal animals, a bat colony can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Bats are incredibly beneficial to the environment. They eat their weight in insects and mosquitos every night, believe it or not. As a result, feces, also known as guano, can quickly accumulate. Insulation and other building materials are frequently contaminated by droppings (guano) that produce mold. Lung infections and other respiratory diseases have been linked to mold spores. On siding, window sills, and walkways, bat urine & guano can leave stains and unpleasant odors.

Finally, they have been found to be rabies carriers. Bat guano should be removed by a professional bat control company in the Houston, TX area. It’s challenging to persuade a colony of bats to leave once they’ve found a suitable roosting site. It can be even more difficult to figure out how they got in, to begin with. Bat repellant is ineffective, and it won’t solve the problem permanently. Bat exclusion and control is the only way to solve a bat infestation problem permanently. The Critter Team can recommend a comprehensive plan to prevent bats, other pests, and wild animals from returning.

Solutions for Bat Control

Picture of bat exclusion deviceThe Critter Team is a full-service nuisance animal removal company. We provide expert wildlife removal and restoration services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We eliminate bat infestations of any size or severity.

Our bat removal experts in the Houston area are trained to get rid of pests humanely while also repairing any damage they may have caused. The Critter Team has the expertise and experience to safely perform bat removal, control, exclusion, dead bat removal, bat guano cleanup, contaminated insulation removal, and other related services. We serve Houston’s surrounding towns and cities.

Bat Exclusion And Guano Cleanup Services

Bat infestations can cause damage to homes and businesses, which the Critter Team bat management experts can repair and restore. They can also prevent all bat species from returning. Only licensed and insured wildlife removal companies with an official wildlife removal permit should perform bat exclusion, cleanup, control, and contaminated insulation clean-out services.

The Critter Team is familiar with bat behavior. We know how to deal with bat infestations. To make an appointment, call The Critter Team at (281) 667-0171. You no longer have to live or work with bats. The Critter Team is a veteran-owned company that provides free consultations, low prices, and exceptional customer service.

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