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  • Homes With Bat Problems 12%
  • Bats Infected With Rabies 29%
  • Fatality Rate From Rabies 100%

The Critter Team offers raccoon removal for many different aspects of places, whether it be inside an attic of a home or inside a business. They can manage the problem from the inspection to the clean up. We offer many different trapping options that can fit any situation.

The inspection itself is a very thorough process of finding the entry points the raccoons have made to gain access in your home or business. It can be the roof, vents, or other places that many people would not think a raccoon can fit in! From there we will determine what the best tapping would be. Trap placement is essential to have the best opportunity to catch raccoons.

Ground trapping is common if they do not have access in your home, but come and eat food from a pets bowl or a business’s dumpster. Sometimes it is necessary to attach a trap to the outside of the house or business. Many people believe that putting a trap inside an attic can attract a raccoon, but that is not true. It is important to have the trap where the most activity is. Raccoons typically have more than one entry point to ensure they have a way out. The Critter Team’s technician will seal the other entry points so the raccoon will have no other choice than to go into the trap.
If there damage with insulation, we can repair that too! We can remove the damaged insulation, sanitize the area and place new insulation in the attic of the home or business.
The Critter Team has a one warranty for any exclusions for homes and business’.  Our warranty guarantees that our work will keep wildlife out of a home or business or we will come out and repair the damages at no cost to you.

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  • Homes With Bat Problems 12%
  • Bats Infected With Rabies 29%
  • Fatality Rate From Rabies 100%

Raccoon Removal Services

The Critter Team is a full-service wildlife control company serving the greater Houston Texas area. We offer a comprehensive array of wildlife removal, wildlife control, wildlife exclusion and wildlife management services, including raccoon removal, raccoon control, raccoon trapping and raccoon exclusion. Raccoons are curious, smart and resourceful creatures. If you have raccoons in the attic, under the porch or anywhere else, call The Critter Team at (281) 667-0171  to receive a wild animal removal consultation in Houston TX.

Nuisance Raccoon Control

It doesn’t take much of an opening for a raccoon to gain access to your Houston Texas home or business. Once you have raccoons in the attic, the raccoon is likely to contaminate insulation, chew through building materials and gnaw on electric wires. Raccoons pose both a health and fire hazard to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to call The Critter Team in Houston as soon as you realize that a raccoon or some other wild animal is living in your home or building.

Only an insured raccoon removal professional with an official nuisance wildlife removal permit is qualified to deal with a raccoon problem. The Critter Team has the knowledge and experience to provide professional raccoon removal, raccoon control, raccoon trapping and raccoon exclusion services. We can help you get rid of that raccoons in the attic and make sure it never returns.

Raccoon Exclusion

Once The Critter Team has humanely trapped the problem raccoons in the attic and removed any contaminated material, a wild animal professional will ensure that every potential entry point is permanently sealed. It’s just one of those things. We deal with Houston raccoons and other wild animals all the time, so we kind of know how they think. The Critter Team knows where to look and how to permanently exclude raccoons from your home or business. It’s just a rumor, but we hear that The Critter Team has really gotten into the heads of those raccoons. The Critter Team Provides the following wildlife and removal services.

Raccoon Control Services Offered

  • Raccoon Removal
  • Raccoon Control
  • Raccoon Exclusion
  • Raccoon Trapping
  • Raccoons In The Attic Removal
  • Raccoon Feces Cleanup
  • Removal And Replacement Of Contaminated Insulation
  • Building Material And Structural Repairs

Raccoons in the Attic

raccoon controlRaccoons are one of the most common wild animal pests that Houston TX residents have to deal with. If you hear suspicious scratching sounds coming from the attic, give The Critter Team a call at (281) 667-0171. A raccoons in the attic is bad news. A female raccoon may be preparing to give birth to a young’un. Don’t wait until the baby raccoon is old enough to join in on the fun. You’ll really have a Houston sized mess on your hands. Raccoons don’t hibernate or take vacations. They chew and poop year around. Raccoons are famous for destroying insulation and duct work.

Raccoons are Large animals with pale to dark grizzled gray backs. Their stomachs and tails are shaded white to pale gray. Many raccoons have heads, hips and feet that are tinted red. Raccoons usually live in dead trees, stumps and other natural cavities, but they will go wherever they can find an adequate food supply, including residential neighborhoods and business districts. Call The Critter Team right away to remove that raccoon in the attic. Don’t allow the raccoons in Houston Texas to destroy your home or business.

Main Raccoon Control Service Areas

The Critter Team is a leading wildlife and raccoon control company serving towns and cities in the vicinity of Houston Texas. We specialize in raccoons in the attic removal, skunks, snakes, squirrels, opossums, rats, woodpeckers and all other wildlife pests. Not only can The Critter team rid your home, business or industrial facility of nuisance wild animals and pests, we provide permanent raccoon exclusion solutions. Call The Critter Team today at (281) 667-0171 to receive a consultation. The Critter Team is a veteran-owned wildlife removal business that offers estimates, affordable prices, and unrivaled customer service.