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How big of a space does a bat need to enter a home?

Bats can fit inside of an opening the height of a match book. If a matchbook can fit inside of an opening, a bat can enter and gain access. 

Did you know? Most bats have only one baby bat per year, making them extremely vulnerable to extinction. A bat mother can find her baby among thousands or millions of other bats by their unique voices and scents.

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Are you looking for Galena Park bat removal services for bats in the attic? If you’ve been hearing curious squeaking or scratching sounds at night, there’s a good chance that bats have moved into your home or business. The Critter Team is a leading residential and commercial animal removal company that specializes in bat removal, control, and exclusion. Bats are an integral part of nature, but you don’t want them to form a colony in your home or business. There are serious health concerns associated with bat infestations. Whether there’s one flying around your bed at night or you suspect that a colony is living in your attic, call The Critter Team today at (281) 667-0171 to receive a consultation and estimate. The Critter Team has the knowledge and experience to locate and remove all bat species from any location. 

Expert and Humane Galena Park TX Bat Control Services

Many wild animal species, including several bat species, are protected under state and federal law. The Critter Team employs safe and humane methods to remediate bat infestations. One of our wild animal control specialists will conduct an inspection to learn how the bats are entering the building. Once they are humanely excluded and prevented from returning, we can also provide bat clean-up, guano removal, and insulation replacement services.

picture of bat removed from Galena Park homeBat Infestations

Sometimes bats make their presence known by flying through a home, business or industrial facility after dusk, but bat infestations aren’t always so obvious. The Critter Team knows where to look and what to look for. Bats are kind of like people. They’re creatures of habit. They like to return to a convenient roosting location night after night. Bat droppings tend to accumulate along walkways, window sills and in attics.

Bats In The Attic

As mentioned previously, scratching sounds and squeaking noises emanating from a wall, ceiling or chimney are indications that bats have taken up residence in your home or building. Bats are nocturnal creatures, so a bat colony can definitely prevent you from getting a good night of sleep. Don’t worry. Bats are great for the environment. Believe it or not, they eat their weight in mosquitoes and other insects every night. That means that feces, also known as guano, can really pile up fast. Mold producing guano often contaminates insulation and other building materials. Mold spores are known to cause lung infections and other respiratory diseases. Bat urine and guano often lead to stains and disagreeable odors on siding, window sills, and walkways. Finally, they have been known to carry rabies. Removing bat guano should be left to a Galena Park bat control professional. Once a colony of bats has located a suitable roosting site, it’s hard to convince them to leave. It’s even more difficult to figure out how they gained entry in the first place. Bat repellant is ineffective, and it won’t permanently solve the problem. Once the damage to your home or commercial establishment is repaired, and every health hazard has been solved, bat control and exclusion is the only way to permanently solve a bat infestation problem. The Critter Team can recommend a comprehensive plan to prevent the reentry of bats and other pests and wild animals. Some of the most common entry points are listed below.

Bat Entry Points

  • Open doors and windows
  • Damaged window screens
  • Unprotected attic vents
  • Ridge vents along the peak of the roof.
  • Gaps, holes, and cracks along roof edges, trim boards, eaves, and soffits.
  • Missing mortar or bricks, uncapped chimney flues, and damaged crowns
  • Gaps along the edges of shutters
  • Damaged siding
  • Edges of dormer soffits, roof edges, and eaves

image of guano clean up in Galena Park Texas

Bat Control Solutions

The Critter Team is a full-service wild animal control company. We offer expert residential, commercial and industrial wildlife removal and restoration services. We get rid of bat infestations of any size or severity. Our Galena Park bat removal professionals are trained to humanely get rid of pests and repair any related damage. The Critter Team has the professional knowledge and experience to safely perform bat removal, control, exclusion, dead bat removal, bat guano clean up, contaminated insulation removal and other related services. We serve towns and cities throughout the Galena Park area.

Bat Exclusion and Guano Cleanup in Galena Park, Texas

The Critter Team bat management professionals can repair and restore homes and businesses that have been damaged by bat infestations. They can also prevent the reentry of all bat species. It’s important that Galena Park bat exclusion, cleanup, control and contaminated insulation clean out services be performed by a licensed and insured wildlife removal company with an official wildlife removal permit. The Critter Team understands bat behavior. They know how to resolve bat infestation problems. Call The Critter Team at (281) 667-0171 to schedule an appointment. You don’t have to live or work with bats anymore. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers consultations, affordable prices, and unrivaled customer service.