If you’ve got squirrels in your house, whether they’re in the attic room, wall spaces, crawl spaces, or anywhere else, and you would like to know just how to remove them … you’ve concerned the ideal place!

In this Insect Methods lead you’ll find out just how to:

  • Determine signs of a squirrel infestation.
  • Locate and close their access factors.
  • Obtain them out of your residence.
  • Shield against future attacks.
  • Just how to eliminate squirrels in your residence.

Squirrels are driven by their organic advises to eat, drink, mate, nest, and discover in the progression of these imperatives. Exploring is exactly how they wind up in your house … as well as an attribute we can benefit from to eliminate them.

So, let’s get going!

How Do You Know You Have Squirrels In Your Home?

If you believe you have squirrels in your home, is there any kind of way to inform if it’s a rat or a squirrel? Are there any kind of distinctions in between both?

Actually, yes.

It’s actually rather straightforward.

Although squirrels and also rats are both identified as rats, of the family Rodentia, they have distinct differences in actions, droppings, tracks, and nests.

It’s also helpful to discover that squirrels and rats are competitors. As a basic guideline, a high squirrel population = a low rat population.

So, right here are 6 methods to identify whether you have squirrels in your home.

What do you listen to?

The majority of the time, if you’ve obtained squirrels in your home, they’ll start in the attic. Squirrels will leave high-voltage line, dive from tree branches, or climb rain gutters to gain access to the roofing system of your house.

Squirrels are energetic during the day and rest at night. If you listen to scampering sounds during the day, particularly from the attic room, it’s probably a squirrel.

They are bigger than rats or mice, so the audios they make will certainly be likewise louder.

What do you smell?

In time, the smell of squirrel pee will progressively come to be noticeable. Given that squirrels are most often located in attic rooms, the odor will be coming from the ceiling.

You may additionally notice the progressive development of “water damage” places on your ceiling. If you’re sure your roof isn’t leaking, it may not be water yet urine.

It may seem a little gross, but get up on a ladder and also take a smell. Urine has an extremely distinct smell to it.

Do you see some squirrel tracks?

Squirrels relocate similar method as bunnies. They will certainly “jump” as they hunt from place to location, which will put their rear paws despite having, or sometimes, ahead of, their front paws.

The rear paws can be recognized as the larger tracks with five toes and look like a skeletal, five-fingered, human hand. The front paws will certainly be smaller as well as just have 4 toes.

Put out some cardboard with flour on it where you believe the squirrels are running after that check for tracks. If you locate tracks matching this summary, you have actually obtained squirrels. If the tracks are various, it’s most likely rats.

Do you see some nests?

Squirrel nests have a tendency to be huge as well as careless. They are often made from a wide variety of materials – twigs, bark, yard, leaves, creeping plants, moss, shredded insulation, paper, etc.

Rats and mice usually have burrows as opposed to nests, with well smooth, rounded entrances. The differences will typically be quickly noticeable.


If you’re unsure if you’ve obtained squirrels or rats in the attic, the very first thing to seek is their droppings. The difference in their droppings is a telltale sign.

Squirrel droppings are usually brown or reddish while rat droppings tend to be extremely dark or black. Squirrel droppings are also barrel formed with circular sides, while rat droppings are much more oval as well as rectangular with pointy sides.

Ultimately, squirrels tend to “go” in one location. It’s not usual to see them in distinct collections. Rats, on the other hand, will certainly leave their droppings spread everywhere.

If you see dark, elongate droppings all over the place, formed like rectangles with distinctive sides, you’ve most likely obtained rats. If you see brownish or red droppings shaped like barrels, clustered in little stacks occasionally, you’ve probably obtained squirrels.

Do you see entry factors?

Chewing comes naturally to squirrels, as it does to all rats. Their front teeth are frequently expanding so they will gnaw and also chew on hard challenge pare their teeth down, and also to hone them.

They can press via a 1/2-inch void to get involved in your residence, or simply chew their way in with the insulation, drywall, and also plywood to get entrance.

In addition to eating an opening in the siding of your house, they’ll additionally eat on the subjected cables in the attic room. Occasionally they’ll chew thus far with it they’ll electrocute themselves. It typically strikes a fuse in the breaker box when it happens.

These ate cables can also cause electrical residence fires, as kept in mind by a firm in Surrey, England. That remains in addition to neighborhood-wide power outages brought on by squirrels eating on high-voltage line and transformers. Also the New York Times discussed that a few years back.

Exactly how Do You Obtain Squirrels Out of Your Attic?

One way door.

Short of traps as well as lure, the simplest and also most gentle approach is a one way door. They are available in numerous dimensions, generally with flaps on the outside end. There is a sloped “door” in the rectangle-shaped box.

The squirrels can push it up and off the beaten track as they leave your residence. Yet when they try to return in, they’re depending on the door so naturally, they can’t open it. They’re shut out.

Squirrels don’t such as being shut out of their house any more than you do, so they’ll attempt to chew their back in somewhere else. This is why we had you put great mesh hen wire over all the various other gaps around your residence. It prevents them from returning in.

Catches as well as baits.

Rather than putting the one method door over the squirrel’s entrance point, seal it off the same way you did with the rest of the spaces around the eaves as well as roof. This catches them inside the attic (or in many cases, outside it) so you can lay out catches and/or lures to capture or kill them.

Because they’re secured the attic it won’t take long before their efforts to get away will certainly bring them into contact with your offerings. At some point, their all-natural interest will certainly drive them to check out these foreign objects, and also you’re done.

The video listed below shows a squirrel being drawn out from inside the wall.

How Do You Get Squirrels Out of the Wall Surfaces or Creep Areas?

Squirrels normally don’t wind up inside walls as much as rats do. If they’re in there they might be stuck or simply checking out.

Yet if they’re in the walls, they normally got there with the attic or crawl space, which indicates they’ll reoccur the same way. If they’re being available in with the attic, we’ve already reviewed that.

If they’re coming in with the crawl space, the procedure is the same as for the attic. Seal every possible entrance point into the crawl room with the fine mesh hen cord.

You’ll require to make sure the chicken wire extends a couple of inches into the ground all the way around the house since squirrels are pretty good miners.

The disadvantage.

Regrettably, creep areas are tough to seal off entirely.

There are just way too many spaces for pipelines, cables, vents, A/C pipes, and also pipes breaches to be sure you got them all, in addition to the gaps between the support and the house. Although a one way door can be installed in the crawl space, it’s not as likely to succeed as in the attic.

In crawl areas, you’ll most likely have to resort to traps and lures. The traps will have to be established near the sides of the crawl room where you can reach them by coming down on your hands as well as knees.

Unless you agree to obtain “up close and individual with dirt” by creeping under your residence, that’s possibly the limit of your capturing.

You’ll probably need to throw poisonous substance bait under the house in order to eliminate the squirrels.

Make certain you’ve obtained the cable mesh in place around the foundation and as a number of the various other entry factors as possible before you do that. The mesh may not keep squirrels out yet you require to make certain it keeps your pet dogs as well as children out of harm’s means!

There are a variety of squirrel repellents and also deterrents– sprays, ultrasonic noises, frustrates, spikes, as well as “chew playthings”– we have actually talked about in other articles that you can use to maintain them out. A multi-pronged, multi-layered strategy making use of one or more of them is possibly the very best.

Intend to skip all this research as well as simply hire a suitable pest control man for your squirrel issue?

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The Bottom Line Regarding Squirrel Elimination.

Squirrels can be kicked out from your attic room (or crawl space) if you hold your horses and also tenacious concerning it. Don’t anticipate rapid results though, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you locate the squirrels are neglecting your one means door, or they’re getting back in, redouble your initiatives. Go back over your residence with a fine-toothed comb till you find their new or alternating entrance factor.
Do not fail to remember the roofing system! Wear tennis shoes to enhance your footing when you’re on the roofing system, and exercise some caution up there, however do not miss it.

Keep in mind, it only takes a 1/2-inch diameter hole for them to enter. Look it thoroughly, specifically around the blinking. Ultimately, you will certainly learn where they’re entering and you can seal it.

Success can be your own. You’re smarter than those animals as well as it’s your residence, not their own. Redeem it!


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