Humble City of Texas

Humble is a city in Harris County, 17 miles N of Houston, Texas, United States. Aside from becoming an oil boomtown in the 20th century, Humble is home to Shell Houston Open 1Since 1922, the Shell Houston Open has been played in various ways, at different venues, and by a variety of players. In 1930, it formally had become Houston Open, a tournament played at the Redstone Golf Club in Humble, Texas. Shell and the Houston Golf Association, a community that has worked as a non-profit corporation since 1946, co-sponsored the tournament. Curtis Strange holds the record for the lowest aggregate ranking at the Shell Houston Open. Lee Trevino and Vijay Singh have the most wins,and DeLorean Motor Company.

Humble History

Humble was named after pioneer fisherman “Pleasant Smith Humble 2Humble wasn’t English. His parents were married in Mississippi in 1827 and made their home in Louisiana. Humble and Markham’s daughter, Jane Elizabeth, were quickly drawn to each other. The day before her boat was sailing, she and Humble had made a break. They eloped and got married in Caldwell County, Louisiana, in 1860.” (1835 -1912). In 1904, C.E. Barrett drilled for oil in this field, ensuring limited output on the Moonshine Hill. From a village of 700, Modest grew to a town of 20,000 at once. The name of the Humble Oil Company /3Humble Oil’s origins come from the 1901 Spindletop gusher that set off the Texas oil rush. It became the largest domestic oil producer by the 1940s, a position retained through the 1960s. The Humble reputation wasn’t extinguished until Exxon’s launch in 1972. was changed to Exxon two decades earlier. Humble still produces, and the town for which he was named continues to prosper. The opening of Houston Intercontinental Airport was a significant catalyst for local development in the late 1960s. The one-million-square-foot Deerbrook Mall opened in the mid-1980s in Humble. It is one of the largest malls in the state, which opened in the U.S. in the 1980s. It is located just five miles from Houston’s main airport, George Bush International Airport, which opened in 1989. It was the first airport of its kind to be established in the USA. The airport is also the second busiest airport in the world after George Washington International Airport in Houston. It opened in 1998 and is located near the town of Houston. history

Things to know about Humble

Here are things you need to know about Humble, Texas.

It is a community that is growing.

Humble statistics: Population: 15, 1555 people Middle age: 32.1.1. Married population: 40.8% Time of average commute: 22.2 minutes Humble is located on the outskirts of Houston and grows each year. People flock to Humble for their friendly community, oil industry jobs, and the feeling of a quaint neighborhood.

Low Cost of Living

U.S. living indices cost is based on an average of 100. Humble’s cheaper than many U.S. locations. Humble’s total living cost is 83.60! Housing costs are much smaller, 62 out of 100. Groceries rank 83.5 of 100. All in all, Humble’s living costs are 6.40 percent lower than the U.S. average – you and your wallet love that!


Fantastic weather

Humble receives 50 inches of rain per year on average. Every year, 204 Sunny Days make it a fun place to live. Here you will not suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)! Temperatures rise to around 94 degrees Fahrenheit in July, but the January low will hit 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers can be hot and humid, but to balance it out you have mild winters. At Humble, you get a blend of seasons.


Several colleges to choose from

Humble Independent School District is the official city school district if you choose to enroll your children in public schools, but you may also opt to send your children to the Aldine Independent School District. Humble has 28 public schools to choose from. Humble-texas


Humble  Attractions


Humble Golf Center

Have you ever heard of Foot Golf? The hybrid sport combines soccer and golf into one game that is surprisingly cool. Instead of a golf ball and holes, a regulation soccer ball and 21-inch diameter “cups” are used to play, with the rules largely following those of golf (get the ball into the cup in the least amount of shots). The Humble Golf Center, the first of its kind in the Houston area, offers 18 holes designed for players to compete in both traditional golf and football games, with the course open seven days a week.


Old MacDonald’s Farm

Open since 1991, this family-friendly farm, offers plenty of activities throughout its 15 acres for children. Here, 12 petting zoo barns host goats, sheep, pigs and cows, plus deer, llamas, emus, and a tortoise as well as ‘exotic animals. Groups, parties, and picnics may be reserved for gazebos, while children can enjoy train and pony rides, a swimming pool, a hay barn, playgrounds, and forts.


Go French at Chez Nous

You may be surprised to find an upscale (yet cozy) French concept in the Houston suburbs, but things will start to make sense when you get a taste of the fare of executive chef Stacy Crowe-Simonson at Chez Nous. Start with luxurious seared foie gras or a rustic plate of charcuterie with Normandy duck mousse and country terrine, then move on to the New Zealand lamb or chateaubriand bearnaise rosemary-crusted rack for two. Just make sure to save space for the cheese and dessert cart selections.


Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

This 300-acre oasis is a horticultural haven named after Thelma and Charles Mercer. Manicured hiking trails, a butterfly house, picturesque picnic areas, barbecue pavilions, a cypress swamp and a wealth of animal life are part of the landscape, not to mention the largest collection of native and cultivated plants in the region. The finest part? They’re free to visit. Check out ongoing and seasonal programs, including story-time in the garden for children and the annual sale of the March Mart plant.


Cypress Trails Equestrian Center

Darolyn Butler 4Darolyn Butler is a World Endurance Champion and owner of Cypress Trails Ranch. There was no endurance riding in her native Oklahoma in the 1960s, so Darolyn was born to ride. The famous Tevis Cup Ride (considered the hardest ride in the world) was her third endurance ride. She has made over two dozen instructional videos, including the top-selling equine instructional of all time, John Lyons’ “Round Pen Reasoning”, the owner of Cypress Trails Ranch, started riding before she could walk and eventually became an International Endurance Champion. Now, right in Humble, she shares her expertise. The ranch is open to the public 7 days a week, featuring endurance and pleasure riding opportunities and a boarding stable. With $30 half-hour pony rides and private lessons also available, scenic adventure trail rides start at $50 an hour. Humble-texas


Aside from a great story of its humble beginning, the City of Humble provides many parks and open fields, such as Hirsch Memorial Park, Humble City Park, Timberwood Park, Uptown Park, and Schott Park. DeLorean Museum5Humble, Texas is second only to California for states within the United States with the most DMC-12 owners. The area near Houston is an excellent location for DeLorean owners to obtain repair and restoration work. This museum is 100% run by volunteers who enjoy all about the classic stainless steel style of the gull-wings and space-age. Read about the puzzling tale that contributed to this potential car’s eventual downfall, involving a cocaine sting, the British government, and Hollywood stars here! The museum itself is surrounded by an unmistakable collection of sports cars outside. can also be viewed to discover and learn about the famous DMC DeLorean. Shopping at the Deerbrook Shopping Center is possible.

Humble Texas is such a perfect community close to Houston with little noise and higher housing costs. Freeway connection leads to the center of downtown Houston, so Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, and Houston Texas games are fixed.