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Looking for raccoon trapping services in Kingwood? The Critter Team is a full-service wild animal management company serving the Kingwood Texas area. We offer a comprehensive array of wildlife exclusion and wildlife management services, including raccoon removal, control, trapping, and exclusion. Raccoons are curious, smart and resourceful creatures. If you have them in the attic, under the porch or anywhere else, call The Critter Team to receive a wild animal trapping consultation in Kingwood TX. Contact us today for raccoon removal Houston.


Nuisance Raccoon Control in Kingwood

It doesn’t take much of an opening for a raccoon to gain access to your Kingwood Texas home or business. Once you have them in the attic, they are likely to contaminate insulation, chew through building materials and gnaw on electric wires. They pose both a health and fire hazard to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to call The Critter Team in Kingwood as soon as you realize that it or some other wild animal is living in your home or building.

Only an insured Kingwood raccoon removal professional with an official nuisance wildlife removal permit is qualified to deal with a raccoon problem. The Critter Team has the knowledge and experience to provide professional Kingwood raccoon removal, control, trapping, and exclusion services. We can help you get rid of that raccoons in the attic and make sure it never returns.

Kingwood Raccoon Control Company

Once The Critter Team has humanely trapped the problem raccoons in the attic and removed any contaminated material, a wild animal professional will ensure that every potential entry point is permanently sealed. It’s just one of those things. We deal with Kingwood raccoons and other wild animals all the time, so we kind of know how they think. The Critter Team knows where to look and how to permanently exclude them from your home or business. It’s just a rumor, but we hear that The Critter Team has really gotten into the heads of those raccoons. The Critter Team Provides the following wildlife and removal services.

Raccoon Control Services Offered

  • Raccoon Removal
  • Control
  • Raccoon Exclusion
  • Trapping
  • Raccoons In The Attic Removal
  • Feces Cleanup
  • Removal And Replacement Of Contaminated Insulation
  • Building Material And Structural Repairs

Raccoons in the Attic and Their Removal

raccoon controlRaccoons are one of the most common wild animal pests that Kingwood TX residents have to deal with. If you hear suspicious scratching sounds coming from the attic, give The Critter Team a call. A raccoon in the attic is bad news. A female critter may be preparing to give birth to a young’un. Don’t wait until the baby critter is old enough to join in on the fun. You’ll really have a Kingwood sized mess on your hands. They don’t hibernate or take vacations. They chew and poop year around. They are famous for destroying insulation and ductwork.

They are Large animals with pale to dark grizzled gray backs. Their stomachs and tails are shaded white to pale gray. Many of them have heads, hips, and feet that are tinted red. Raccoons usually live in dead trees, stumps, and other natural cavities, but they will go wherever they can find an adequate food supply, including residential neighborhoods and business districts. Call The Critter Team right away to remove that raccoon in the attic. Don’t allow the raccoons in Kingwood Texas to destroy your home or business.

Main Raccoon Control Service Areas

The Critter Team is the leading raccoon trapping company serving towns and cities in the vicinity of Kingwood Texas. We specialize in raccoons in the attic, skunks, snakes, squirrels, opossums, rats, woodpeckers, and all other wildlife pests. Not only can The Critter team rid your home, business or industrial facility of nuisance wild animals and pests, but we also provide permanent raccoon exclusion solutions. Call The Critter Team today to receive a consultation. The Critter Team is a veteran-owned wildlife removal business that offers estimates, affordable prices, and unrivaled customer service.

Raccoon Experts

Raccoons are very noticeable with their mask-like features on their faces and gray fur. They are active during the night as they are nocturnal mammals. Most of the time when they are finished, homeowners find themselves annoyed with the garbage dispersed everywhere. Due to the urbanization of some areas with trees and water source, they are forced to adapt to their new environment. Some of their favorite places they like to intrude in your home are chimneys, attics, or anywhere that is dark and has fewer people in it. Residents of the area may find themselves in nuisance critter trouble in the last minute for these animals are not usually seen during the day. Sooner or later they will discover these nuisance critters because of the noises they make. The resident or homeowner by this time should call a professional, licensed nuisance critter trapping expert.

Raccoon Control

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages they have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, it will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases. The most common disease they can contract is rabies. Without the proper equipment, an inexperienced person trying to capture this creature may have difficulty and may even cause more damage to the house or people living in the house. If it can not be helped and an individual must confront this nuisance critter, consult first the state laws on what are the do’s and dont’s when trapping the creature. There is one thing that is common in the laws of different states and it is to not harm or kill these nuisance critters. Try avoiding using any harmful chemicals that may be hazardous to both the animal and the nuisance critters.


Trapping and moving these nuisance critters are the usual things to do when trapping them. Before anything else, consult the laws of your local and state to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. In the different cities in the different states of the country, capturing a wildlife critter is prohibited. Be mindful when trying to trap these creatures by yourselves. Always check the places that are possible for them to live in if there are babies that they left. If these little babies are not caught, they will not just cause you damages but also foul odors when they die because the mother is not there to take care of them. Taking the mother several miles away from its babies will not stop them from coming back for them. A professionally licensed nuisance critter trapper may advise you not to expel the nuisance critter if there are baby critters involved for it may prove to be difficult to exclude relocate them. Provide a trap that is with the proper size and strong enough for it to not be able to escape once you are done with it. A weak trap can be easily be broken for these nuisance critters are very agile and smart and powerful enough to do destroy it. The distance of relocation must be accounted for when doing the trapping by yourself.

Raccoon Control

Hiring a professionally licensed critter trapping expert can be cheaper than the cost of the repairs of the damage they will cause. Our company will provide not just the trapping of the nuisance critter but also the cleaning and repairing the vermin has caused. We will also guide you to what to do to prevent any more intrusion from the nuisance critter after the repairs are done.

In order for these nuisance critters to prevent from ever intruding or returning to your house or on a building, one must complete some tasks dedicated to stopping their activity. One of the tasks that you can do is the proper garbage disposal. Closing the lids on these things and tying them can be very helpful. This will prevent the nuisance critters from luring them and opening the garbage can to loot what food is left. Clean the surroundings of your house of pet food which can be mistaken as food by these nuisance critters.