Matzke Park

Matzke Park, a 19.4-acre center, includes a multiuse trail with water fountains, rest room centers, one cricket field, an extensive barrier-free play area, 2 picnic structures, one gazebo, and a butterfly and sensory garden. Cypress Texas Information. 

Private use of the sports fields needs previous permission from the sports association. Info on cancellations or modifications of all sports association practice/game schedules taking place on sports fields in Precinct 4 parks need to be directed to the specific association: Sports associations do not provide Precinct 4 with game schedules, cancellations, or modifications of their activities.

In 2007, the Norchester Garden Club partnered with the Association for Better Community Schools (ABCS), The Home Depot, and Westco Grounds Maintenance Co., Inc. to establish the butterfly and sensory garden. ABCS and Norchester Garden Club also provided a gazebo and benches throughout the garden.

The Cy-Fair Youth Soccer, Triggers Cricket Club, and ABCS/Norchester Garden Club each donated $5,000 to offer the devices and products required to partner with Precinct 4 to build a multipurpose structure with a public rest room, staff office, garage, and three devices and supplies storeroom at the southwest corner of the park. Additionally, a second parking area on the west side of the park is now readily available to visitors near the playground, toilet, and picnic areas.