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Why Choose The Critter Team in McNair, TX for Animal Removal & Prevention?

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🇺🇸 The Critter Team is 100% Military veteran owned and operated. We do it right the first time. We are licensed and have more experience than your backyard animal trapper. We do not use poison or killing traps, thus eliminating the possibility of injuring your domestic pets. Our military work ethic is the example for others to follow which has earned us a perfect 5 star rating for services in the Montgomery County and Harris County areas.

We provide McNair TX and the Houston metropolitan area with exceptional animal and pest control services. The Critter Team is your specialists in humanely removing animals and Texas wildlife from your home and property. Give us a call today and let us rid you, your family, your home and/or your business of what is causing the problem.

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McNair Animal Removal Services

A professional wildlife removal and wildlife control expert has the knowledge and experience to safely remove all species of nuisance animals among Texas wildlife, including snakes, bees, wasps, groundhogs, squirrels, skunks, moles, bats, opossums, armadillos, birds and raccoons. Speak with licensed and insured removal experts from The Critter Team to avoid wildlife damage to property, injuries and health concerns associated with wild animals. We offer onsite inspections and estimates to our customers.

Servicing the area of McNair, TX

McNair, TX Squirrel Removal & Trapping

The Critter Team’s squirrel removal service provides professional animal control and animal trapping services. The pest animals can be seen jumping from building to building in the spring and fall. They even use power lines to reach their destination. Give the nuisance animal removal experts from The Critter Team a call if you hear scratching sounds coming from the attic or notice squirrels entering your home or business through small holes or cracks. Squirrels maintain their sharp teeth by chewing on electrical wires, plumbing and other building materials, causing costly damage repairs for homeowners. Squirrel feces and urine can spread disease by contaminating insulation, sheetrock, HVAC systems and building materials. The Critter Team specializes in effective pest control and pest animal exclusion services for removing wildlife.

McNair Raccoon Removal & Damage Repairs

The Critter Team’s removes numerous raccoons from Texas homes and businesses. Raccoons are clever animals among Houston wildlife that easily adapt to urban environments. They love to dig in yards, sift through garbage cans and engage in mischievous behavior as they search for food and lodging. Humane animal capture and raccoon removal in McNair Texas is vital if you don’t want raccoons in your attic, under your porch or in your garage. The Texas Animals are known for inflicting extensive damage to property and contaminating homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Call The Critter Team right away to schedule professional raccoon control services with our control operators. The wildlife damages HVAC ductwork, contaminate insulation, destroy attic vents, which lead to expensive damage repairs and TX animals also spread communicable diseases.

McNair TX Bat Removal & Attic Exclusion

The Critter Team’s bat removal services have accelerated in recent years. Bats are regularly discovered in churches, public facilities, homes and businesses. It doesn’t take much of a hole for a colony of bats to enter your attic. You’d be amazed by the amount of bat guano that can pile up over time. Bat guano in an attic can cause serious health concerns. Never allow the animal to live in your attic. Call our wildlife control companies for professional animal capture and bat control services from our professional control operators. The Critter Team can also seal your home to ensure that bats and other Texas animals are permanently excluded from your building.

McNair TX Skunk Removal & Prevention

The Critter Team receives a significant number of skunk removal calls. Skunks like to dig around buildings and under steps. The skunks are searching for a nice place to live. Unfortunately, skunks don’t get along with dogs and other pets. You may have learned the hard way that skunks can really stink up the premises when they get into a debate with the family dog. The dog never seems to win the argument with the Texas animal. Professional skunk removal is the only permanent solution to a problem with these Texas animals. Call a Critter Team skunk control expert to improve the smell around your home or business with our skunk removal services.

Opossum Removal and Control Services In McNair

Opossum removal can save your home and garden from digging and other damage. A Texas possum can really tear up your garden, not to mention the expensive sod you installed last spring. Possums can also cause damage to homes and businesses by entering or digging under buildings.You don’t want a opossum living in your hot tub, shed or outbuilding. Call the Critter Team for fast and effective opossum removal and opossum control. Possums’ are considered dangerous to people and should only be removed by a wildlife management professional.

Armadillo Removal & Trapping Services In McNair Texas

Texas armadillo removal and armadillo trapping can save your vegetable or flower garden. Rooting armadillos are famous for digging up gardens and landscaping. They’re after all those scrumptious bugs and rodents that live underground. Armadillos are difficult to trap, so call The Critter Team for professional armadillo control as soon as you notice signs of digging and rooting on your property.

Bird Control & Nesting Removal Services In McNair TX

Texas Bird Removal Services experience that sometimes home and business owners get fed up with nuisance bird species such as Canadian geese or starling. Nuisance bird species such as pigeons tend to roost on buildings, and their acidic droppings create a mess and inflict costly damage to building surfaces. Critter Team bird control and bird removal specialists can provide bird spiking, bird netting, bird fogging, and other deterrents to reduce the nuisance and damage that birds can cause.

McNair TX Snake Removal & Control

The Critter Team is one of the few wildlife management companies that can provide effective snake removal services. Snakes such as copperheads, black rat snakes and rattlesnakes in the vicinity of homes or businesses require the attention of an experienced snake control specialist. The Critter Team is accustomed to catching both non venomous and venomous snakes.Home and business owners often find snakes in homes, garages, basements, and any other place where a snake is inclined to slither. It might be necessary to catch the snake or seal holes and cracks where snakes can enter a home or business.