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Bat Removal

Bat on house

Atascocita Bat Removal

If you have a need for city of Atascocita bat removal services, contact city of Atascocita Bat Removal. If you see or hear the tell-tale signs that bats have settled into your property, contact us. The signs of bats living in a building include:

• Sounds of scratching.
• Sounds of squeaking.
• Bat guano (also known as bat feces or poo).
• Strange sounds in the ceiling, which may indicate a bat in attic or bat in house.
• Finding a dead bat in your home or attic.


Humane Bat Removal Services

Even if your property has a recent bat infestation, you may not want the bats to come to harm. Our professionally trained wildlife experts can remove the bats on your property safely without causing the bats any harm. We also complete bat guano clean up as well as repairing any bat damage that may have occurred to your property. If your property has a bat infestation, call Atascotcia Bat Removal. We perform all kinds of bat removal services, dead bat, bat control and bat guano clean up. Contact our bat control and bat removal company today and get rid of the bats in attic or on your property quickly and safely for both you and the bat.
Bat Control

Bat Colony Entry

Bat Removal and Habitat

Bats live in colonies. In many cases, bats form colonies in caves or elsewhere in nature. Unfortunately, bats may choose to form a colony in a home’s attic or bat in house. If bats decide to make your business, property or home their next colony, call us right away. We’ll provide bat control and removal help. Whether you have a small or large bat infestation, we can take care of the bat control problem and bat guano quickly.The Big Brown Bat

One common types of bat remain the big brown bat. The big brown bat is a mammal. The big brown bat gives birth to its babies in the early summer. Big brown bats remain among one of the largest and hardiest of all of the bat species. One of its favorite places to live is in attics, turning your upper house into a bat nursery. Big brown bats eat a huge number of insects, which makes them of benefit to nature and humans.

Big-Eared Bats

Big-Eared Townsend Bats may be found in the United States and Mexico. They mate in the fall, and the baby bats, called pups, are born about 60 days later. Their colonies usually range from 12 to 200 members. Big-eared bats can have babies every 60 days. Their colonies may have up to 200 members. They mate in the fall. Big-eared bats do not migrate much. They like to colonize in open places, such as attics, as opposed to enclosed spaces such as nooks in rocks.

Little Brown Bat

Another frequently found bat in the US and in Canada, too. Most bats, including the little brown bat, need to eat a minimum of half their body weight in insects to be healthy. A pregnant brown bat needs to eat its body weight in insects each night to keep the mother and growing infant bat healthy. So, as unappealing as is to have a bat in your attic on colonizing in your property’s buildings, bats are a useful and needed part of the ecosystem.

The Critter Team bat removal professionals can repair and restore homes and businesses that have been damaged by bat infestations. They can also prevent the reentry of all bat species. It’s important that bat removal, bat cleanup, bat control and contaminated insulation removal services be performed by a licensed and insured wildlife removal company with an official wildlife removal permit.
The Critter Team understands bat behavior. They know how to resolve bat infestation problems in Atascocita TX. Call The Critter Team at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bat solution appointment. You don’t have to live or work with bats anymore. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business located in Atascocita Texas that offers free consultations, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.