Expert Bird Removal Services in Atascocita Texas


Removing nuisance birds such as the common pigeon, European starling and house sparrow is a challenge that only the most confident wildlife management companies are willing to accept. The Critter Team provides the most effective wild bird removal and exclusion services in Atascocita Texas and the greater Houston area. We also specialize in the removal and control of all wild animal species from homes and businesses, including snakes, skunks, rats, armadillos, raccoons, bats, squirrels and more. Pest birds are a source of aggravation, but The Critter Team can provide special products, habitat modifications and building alterations that will solve your problem. Call The Critter team today at 281-667-0171 to speak with a professional bird control expert.

Bird Exclusion Services in Atascocita TX

Critter Team bird control services begin with a comprehensive inspection of your residential, commercial or industrial premises. Our wildlife control experts will identify any likely entry points and roosting sites before recommending a plan to make the environment around your home or business less attractive to nuisance birds.

Wild birds are surprisingly resourceful. Just when you think you’ve solved the problem, the birds figure out a way to beat the system. A Critter Team bird exclusion specialist will develop an effective blend of products and services to solve your unique nuisance bird problem.



It may be necessary to install bird spikes on roosting sites, seal exposed ventilation pipes or install screen to prevent birds from entering buildings and other areas. Birds like to roost on the corners of buildings, ledges and other convenient architectural features. Call the Critter team to eliminate those nuisance birds once and for all.

• Habitat modification
• Bird netting installation
• Bird fogging
• Bird spike installation
• Bird trapping
• Bird in vent
• Birds in attic
• Bird in soffit or overhang
• Bird in store
• Birds on sign
• Shock track installation
• Bird exclusion barriers
• Bird gel
Bird in chimney

Nuisance Birds in Atascocita Texas

The feral pigeon will roost on window sills, building ledges, signs, overhangs, beams and other architectural features. The Critter Team has also removed pigeons from attics, HVAC systems and other surprising locations. Like most nuisance birds, pigeons deposit large amounts of nesting materials, droppings, fleas, feathers, mites and fungal diseases wherever they take up residence.

Woodpeckers really go for the wood siding and trim on homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Nuisance woodpeckers are territorial, so they show up day after day to search for the bugs that live in your woodwork. Needless to say, they destroy the woodwork along with your sanity.

Canada Geese congregate in large flocks and overwhelm businesses, golf courses, parks and residential areas. They destroy landscaping, sidewalks and other building features with their acidic feces and urine.

• Starling
• Sparrow
• Pigeon
• Canada goose
• Chimney swift
• Woodpecker
• Sea gull

Professional Bird Control Services in Atascocita TX

There’s no one better at getting rid of nuisance birds than The Critter Team. Nuisance birds are stubborn animals, but they’re no match for The Critter Team’s bird removal experts. Nuisance birds are creatures of habit. They aren’t willing to relinquish a perfectly good roosting site without a fight. The Critter Team is a licensed and insured wildlife control company that specializes in bird trapping, birds in attic and birds in chimney in Atascocita Texas and the greater Houston area. Give us a call at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bird removal and bird exclusion appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers humane wild animal removal services, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.