Professional Bat Removal and Guano Cleanup in Crosby Texas


Have you been hearing scratching or squeaking sounds in the middle of the night? There’s a good chance that your Crosby Texas home or business has a bat in attic or bat in house. The Critter Team provides expert bat removal and bat control services throughout the greater Houston area. Aside from bats keeping you and your family awake at night, bat guano in your attic poses a significant health hazard. The Critter Team is a professional wildlife management company specializing in bat guano clean up, dead bat, bat infestations, bat control and bat removal services. Call The Critter Team today at 281-667-0171 to speak with a bat management expert.
Bat Control

Bat on side of house

Crosby TX Bat Removal

The Critter Team can remove nuisance bats from any Crosby Texas residential, commercial, industrial or government building. We specialize in the humane removal and relocation of all bat species. A Critter Team wildlife management professional can also cleanup hazardous guano buildup, repair bat related damage and professionally seal your home, business or industrial facility to prevent the reentry of bats and other nuisance wildlife.

Crosby TX Bat Control

The Critter Team has the expertise and equipment to deliver Crosby TX bat removal, dead bat removal and guano clean up services. We are licensed and insured to remove and relocate all wildlife species, including legally protected wild animals. It’s important to do business with a qualified wildlife management company. The Critter Team has obtained a Wildlife Removal permit from the Texas Wildlife & Fisheries Agency.

Get Bats Out of My Attic

When a Crosby Texas bat colony finds a desirable roosting site, they won’t be leaving anytime soon. It’s never easy to locate a bat colony, but it’s even harder to figure out how they got inside in the first place. Bats can squeeze through some pretty small openings.

• Tattered window screens

• Open doors and windows

• Attic vents

• Ridge vents

• Holes, gaps and cracks on roof edges, soffits or trim boards

• Missing bricks, mortar and uncapped chimney flues

• Gaps near edges of shutters

• Damaged areas on siding

Crosby Texas Bat Species

The Critter Team regularly removes a number of bat species from Crosby TX homes and businesses. Big brown bats live in colonies and they are attracted to attics. The female bats give birth in early summer. They’re good for the environment, but they don’t belong in your attic. Big eared Townsend bats live in colonies of between 12 and 200 members. They mate in the fall and can be found in attics and other building locations.Although we get calls to remove little brown bat colonies, more than 80 percent of the bat related calls that we receive involve brown bats living in the attic of a home or business. Brown bat colonies consist of 1,000 members or more. They are a leading carrier of rabies. Brown bat guano contains many dangerous parasites.

Affordable Crosby TX Bat Guano Cleanup

The Critter Team specializes in Crosby Texas bat relocation, bat guano clean up, bat in attic, dead bat, bat in house, bat infestations and bat control services. The buildup of mold producing bat guano can cause serious health complications for families, employees and volunteers. Call The Critter Team at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bat removal appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers humane wildlife removal services, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.