Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Crosby Texas


It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until it happens to you. Suddenly you’ve got squirrels in the attic of your Crosby Texas home or business, and it’s going to cost you a fortune to repair the damage unless you have those rodents removed as soon as possible. Well, The Critter Team can solve all your nuisance wild animal problems and save you a bunch of money in the long run. Maybe you’ve been hearing scratching sounds coming from the attic of your home, business or industrial facility. The Critter Team specializes in the humane removal of all wildlife species, including squirrels, skunks, snakes, moles, bats, opossums, armadillos, birds and raccoons.

The Critter Team provides expert squirrel trapping, squirrel removal, squirrel control, squirrel repair, squirrel in attic and squirrel exclusion services in Crosby TX. Squirrels and other nuisance wild animals are sure to contaminate attic insulation and other building materials, chew on electrical wires and get into your HVAC system. Call The Critter Team today at 281-667-0171 to speak with a squirrel management expert.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel on roof

Crosby Texas Squirrel Trapping

The Critter Team is a professional nuisance wildlife management company serving Crosby TX and the greater Houston area. It’s never a good idea to take matters into your own hands when it comes to dangerous wild animals. Only a professional wildlife control company has the expertise and equipment to safely remove squirrel and other rodent infestations. Squirrels aren’t fond of traps, and over the counter wildlife removal products are ineffective at best. On the other hand, those squirrels aren’t likely to move out of your attic voluntarily.The Critter Team has the professional experience and state permits to remove and relocate all nuisance wildlife, including legally protected wild animal species. We also decontaminate and repair the damage caused by squirrels and other wild animals. Finally, we’ll professionally seal your Crosby Texas home or business to ensure that squirrels never get into your building again.

If you suspect that there are squirrels or some other wild animal living in your building, we recommend that you take immediate action. Call The Critter Team before a family of squirrels or some other wild animal damages your residential or commercial building.

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Squirrel Control in Crosby TX

Squirrels are pretty active in the spring and fall. Female squirrels produce two litters of three or four baby squirrels a year. Attics are an ideal place to build nests and raise a litter of young’uns. The combination of nesting materials and exposed wires pose a significant fire hazard. Squirrels chew on pipes, wires, support beams and other building materials to trim and sharpen their teeth. Squirrels are also carriers of fleas and parasites, and the buildup of feces and urine can cause respiratory problems.

Affordable Crosby Texas Wildlife Removal

Contact The Critter Team for expert wild animal control services in Crosby TX and the greater Houston area. Squirrel and other rodent infestations will damage your home or business and spread disease. The Critter Team specializes in professional squirrel trapping, squirrel control, squirrel repair, squirrel nest removal and squirrel removal from attic. Call The Critter Team at 281-667-0171 to schedule a squirrel removal appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers humane wildlife removal services, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.