Humble Bat Removal


Bat In Attic? Bat In House? Dead Bat? Bat Guano?

When you settle down at night to rest and the house is quiet, do you hear rustling, chirps and scratching from a bat infestation instead? The odds are that your attic and eaves shelter bats. After spending a night devouring insect pests, bats scurry to shelter in a protected space. Bats do a world of good to our environment. Our Humble TX company commits to safely and humanely removing any bat in house or bat in attic. Let’s see how we offer the best bat control in Humble Texas, which includes bat exclusion and guano clean up.

Bat infestations occur through overlooked bat entry points. Most of us rarely check out our attic’s screened vents or spot small cracks underneath the eaves. Little brown bats, which account for a large percentage of our bat control statistics, squirm through cracks as small as a quarter in diameter. Other species of bat, such as brown bats, swarm into the protected area to breed and rest and even hibernate the winters away in Humble Texas. Your home, business, or commercial property could shelter bats, which have been known to transmit rabies and whose guano contains parasites, so the issue of bat removal remains paramount to anyone concerned with public health.

Bat Control

Bat on tree outside home

Bat Control

Upon a very detailed inspection of the structure or home and find the entry points. We follow up with bat removal or exclusion, removal of contaminated attic insulation and guano clean up. Our experienced bat professionals pinpoint the entry site, remove bat, seal it against further bat infestations, and return your Humble TX home or place of business to cleanliness in record time. Whenever you search the internet: bat in attic or bat in house to find a bat removal service, rest assured that we guarantee that any traces of infestation, such as a bat colony or bat guano, will not recur on your premises for one full year.

Common Bats

Brown Bat accounts for up to 85 percent of infestations and are the #2 carrier of rabies in the U.S. They have broad noses and wings and are medium to large in the range of bat sizes.

Little Brown Bats produce guano that may contain harmful parasites and eat only insects. We see these small bats commonly in the evenings as they prey upon mosquitoes.

The Critter Team understands bat behavior. They know how to resolve bat infestation problems in Humble TX. Call The Critter Team at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bat solution appointment. You don’t have to live or work with bats anymore. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business located in Humble Texas that offers free consultations, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.