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Humble TX citizens contending with a squirrel infestation now have help getting removal services. Our company remains the experts in squirrel removal services in the Humble Texas area. When experiencing squirrel damage and control, contact us for your squirrel trapping and squirrel infestation needs. We also offer squirrel repair to fix any squirrel damage that may have occurred.



How Do Squirrels Get in My Property?

Any hole anywhere in your property is an entryway for squirrels and other small rodents. When squirrels require a place to nest, one of their favorite spots seems to be the attic of a home or other type of building. The electrical wires in your attic and plastic plumbing are at risk with squirrel, squirrel wire chewing can cause a significant fire hazard. Our company are experts in removing a squirrel nest, squirrel removal, squirrel trapping and preventing squirrel damage. We can identify the signs of wire chewing and advise you on how to set up squirrel control measures in and around your business and home.


Squirrel Removal Humble Texas

Once the squirrel removal is complete, our technicians will complete squirrel repair and fix the squirrel’s entryway from the outside. Not only can our company remove squirrels, but we also safely and humanely eliminate rats, snakes, skunks and other pesky animals from your property. After any nuisance animal is removed, we repair the damage, so the animal in question won’t return through the same opening and continue to disturb your home or company.Facts about Squirrels and their Habitat

Gray squirrels, which are medium sized squirrels, live in trees. They are gray but may have a patch of red color on their hips, head, and feet. Their tails and stomach areas are white or very pale gray. Both males and females look very similar.

The first round of gray squirrel breeding occurs from December through February. The second season of breeding for the squirrel happens between May and June. The average size of the gray squirrel litter is from two to three animals. The squirrel easily adapts to their location. If no trees are available for building a squirrel nest, they may choose an attic for nesting. You may hear scratching or other noises in your attic. If you do, a squirrel or other rodent may be preparing for the birth of her young. When you hear these noises, contact the squirrel trapping experts immediately.


Squirrel Destruction Signs in Humble TX

Take a moment and inspect the corners of your house, from the attic to basement. Because squirrels are a member of the rodent family, their front teeth continue to grow. To keep their front teeth a manageable size and to keep them sharp, all rodents, including squirrels, must routinely chew. They aren’t particular about what they chew, so your property may suffer if they chew such objects as:

• Wiring.
• Building support beams.
• Roof beams.
• Electrical fixtures.
• Drywall, especially in the ceiling.

Also, squirrels destroy property by disturbing insulation, spreading disease through urine and feces, and by bringing unwanted bugs and parasites such as fleas into your home. As you can see, squirrel removal and squirrel control can become of the utmost importance to keep you and your property safe.


How are Squirrels Eliminated from Your Property?

We use humane methods of squirrel removal such as squirrel trapping to get rid of these unwanted creatures. You could use poisons to kill squirrels, but you don’t want poisons in your home, around your children or where your pets may be exposed to them. Use an expert in preventing and repairing squirrel destruction in Humble Texas, and choose squirrel control that is quick, efficient and safe.

The Critter Team understands squirrel behavior. They know how to resolve squirrel infestation problems in Humble TX. Call The Critter Team at 281-667-0171 to schedule a squirrel solution appointment. You don’t have to live or work with squirrels anymore. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business located in Humble Texas that offers free consultations, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.