Expert Armadillo Removal and Trapping in Kingwood TX



Armadillo in grass

Armadillos are annoying and destructive pests. Many Kingwood Texas home and business owners have learned the hard way that even one armadillo can destroy lawns, flower gardens and landscaping. The other problem is that it’s hard to get rid of an armadillo. The Critter Team offers professional armadillo removal, armadillo trapping and armadillo control services in the greater Houston area.
Landscaping a home or business is time consuming and expensive. The Critter Team is a licensed and insured wildlife management company that specializes in the removal and control of all wild animal species, including birds, snakes, skunks, rats, armadillos, raccoons, bats, squirrels and more. Call The Critter team at 281-667-0171 to speak with an armadillo control expert.

Kingwood TX Opossum on the Half Shell

It’s a strange nickname, but armadillos are peculiar looking mammals. The body of an armadillo, except for the belly, is covered with a shell of flexible bony plates. They’re kind of prehistoric looking, actually. Zoologists have identified as many as 20 different species of armadillo.

The various armadillo species have been divided into three, six and nine-banded armadillos. The bands represent the number of boney plated segments common to a particular species of armadillo. Kingwood Texas armadillos have nine bands. The boney plates make it possible for the animals to dig and burrow quickly.

Armadillos dig through the soil to find small invertebrates, including worms, earth grubs, cockroaches, mole crickets, beetle larvae, army worms, termites, grasshoppers, yellow jackets, wasps, flies and ant larvae. Armadillos employ their pig-like snout and peg teeth to meet their dietary needs. An armadillo consumes around 200 pounds of bugs each year. That’s why you have a hole dug in yard, burrow in mulch bed or tunnel in yard.

Pesky Kingwood TX Armadillos

Armadillos can really tear up your business landscaping, flower bed, manicured lawn or vegetable garden. They leave heaping mounds of soil behind. Armadillos are nocturnal animals, so you always get the good news in the morning. There’s really only one reliable way to remove a pesky armadillo. You’re going to require the assistance of an experienced Kingwood Texas armadillo removal professional that specializes in armadillo trapping and armadillo control.

The Critter Team will humanely trap and relocate that armadillo before things get out of hand. It should be noted that over the counter repellants are completely ineffective. Moreover, it might be against the law for you to trap and relocate an armadillo. The Critter Team is a licensed wildlife management company with the knowledge and experience to legally trap and relocate wild animals. Armadillos are a big nuisance. They can really dig and burrow. Here are a few of the most common armadillo complaints that The Critter Team receives from Houston area residents:

• Large tunnel under the house
• Dug up yard
• Burrowing under structures
• Burrow in mulch bed
• Uprooted landscaping
• Cracked concrete
• Pipes sinking due to burrowing
• Hole dug in yard
• Tunnel in yard
• Armadillo is causing pets to be alarmed

Professional Kingwood TX Armadillo Removal

Armadillos aren’t fond of being trapped. First of all, there isn’t any kind of bait that will lure an armadillo into a waiting trap. The other thing is that the trap must be placed precisely where the armadillo is accustomed to doing its business. Only a professional Critter Team armadillo trapper knows how to interpret the subtle clues that armadillos leave behind. The traps must be located in just the right area, pointing in the right direction and prepared in just the right way. An experienced Critter Team armadillo trapper knows how to steer an armadillo into a trap.The sooner you call The Critter Team, the less damage that your home or business will suffer. Contact The Critter Team right away to have that troublesome armadillo expertly removed and relocated. The Critter Team specializes in armadillo removal, armadillo trapping, hole dug in yard, burrow in mulch bed and tunnel in yard in Kingwood Texas and the greater Houston area. Please call 281-667-0171 to schedule an armadillo control appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers humane wildlife removal services, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.