Kingwood Squirrel Removal


Residents in the Kingwood Texas area who may have a squirrel control problem or hear noises in attic need professional help from us. We can provide such services as:

• Squirrel repair of damage.
• Humane squirrel removal from attic.
• General animal control.
• Squirrel repair of wire chewing and other types of squirrel damage.

We are experts in squirrel removal and squirrel control in the Kingwood TX area.

Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel in house


Squirrel Removal in Kingwood Texas

Squirrels look cute running around the yard and in trees. But when they get into your house or outbuildings and cause squirrel damage, it is time to call the animal control experts in the Kingwood TX area. A squirrel’s home, or drey, can be found in a wall, attic or crawlspaces in any building.

Our company can help rid your house or office of the furry pests or tree rat using squirrel trapping and provide you with squirrel control to prevent them from re-entering your Kingwood TX home.

General facts about Squirrels

Gray squirrels (Sciurus caronlinensis) live in trees and are medium sized. They may be dark colored and have red fur on their feet, hips, and head with white undersides. They breed in December through February and from May through June and have about two to three babies. Squirrels will migrate until they find a good place to set up housekeeping. If they can’t find a suitable tree, they will make their home in your home.


Squirrel Trapping Kingwood Tx

Signs of a squirrel nest or setting up housekeeping in your buildings include:

Scratching sounds.
• Problems with electrical wiring in your home.
• Holes and signs of chewing.
• Seeing electrical wiring that has been damaged.
• Seeing that your insulation has been trampled or otherwise damaged.
• Feces and urine signs.

Any hole in the buildings on your property can provide access for squirrels looking for a nice warm home to build their squirrel nest. Besides causing a mess in your home due to nesting materials and feces, squirrels frequently chew through electrical wires and thereby create a potential fire hazard in your home. You may see signs of wire chewing when you inspect your home or business property. We can safely remove the squirrels and humanely relocate them to a more appropriate home.

Once the squirrel removal is complete, our Kingwood TX Company will find the squirrel’s entry ways and prevent any further squirrels from entering your home in the future. We will clean up feces, urine and other signs of squirrel nest debris.

We also help people with other types of animal infestations, such as:

• Raccoons.
• Snakes.
• Birds.
• Skunks.
• Bats.
• Rodents of all kinds.
• Deer.
• Geese.
• Opossums.
• Chipmunks.
• Mice.
• Rats.
• And more.

We remove all signs of these critters and relocate them carefully to a better environment for them by humane squirrel trapping. Plus, we perform squirrel repair to your property. We guarantee that once we remove the animal pest, they won’t re-enter your home for one year.

Our company has a permit for Nuisance Wildlife Removal Permit from Texas State. We are also fully insured and affiliated with other national wildlife control operators. Plus, we have references from satisfied customers who have used our services. Contact our Kingwood Texas Company at 281-667-0171 for quick, thorough squirrel removal from attic, humane squirrel trapping, and humane animal control removal today.