Expert Bat Removal and Bat Control Services in Spring Texas


Have you been hearing strange noises during the night? Those squeaking and scratching sounds just might mean that your Spring Texas home or business has a bat in attic or bat in house. The Critter Team provides professional bat removal and bat control services in the greater Houston area. Spring TX bat colonies often make themselves at home in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Aside from keeping you up at night or frightening your employees, bat guano buildup poses a serious health hazard.

The Critter Team is an expert wildlife management company specializing in bat removal, bat control and bat exclusion. Call The Critter Team today at 281-667-0171 to schedule an onsite inspection. Our trained nuisance wildlife operators know how to prevent bat infestations and repair bat related damage.


City of Spring Bat Removal

The Critter Team can remove nuisance bats from any Spring Texas home, business or government building. We specialize in the removal and relocation of all bat species. Moreover, our wildlife removal and relocation services are always performed in a safe and humane manner. The Critter Team can also clean up hazardous guano, repair damage caused by bats and professionally seal your home, business or industrial facility. Our nuisance wild animal specialists will permanently prevent reentry by bats and other wildlife species. The Critter Team serves Spring TX and all other communities in the greater Houston area.


Bat Removal and Bat Guano Clean Up Services in Spring Texas


The Critter Team has the knowledge and equipment to solve all of your Spring TX nuisance wildlife problems. We are licensed and insured to remove and relocate all wildlife species. The Critter Team delivers professional bat removal, dead bat removal and guano clean up services throughout Harris County. Learn more about our one-year guarantee on many of the wildlife management services we offer when you call to schedule an appointment.

The Critter Team can meet all your bat infestation, bat control and guano clean up needs. It’s important to do business with an experienced wildlife management company. The Critter Team offers a comprehensive array of professional nuisance wildlife removal and control services. We have been issued a valid Wildlife Removal permit from the Texas Wildlife & Fisheries Agency.


Spring TX Bat Species

Bat Removal

Bat on house

• Big brown bats live in colonies. Females give birth in early summer. They prefer attics and are susceptible to white Noise Disease. Big brown bats are mammals that are extremely good for the environment. They only eat insects.

• Big eared Townsend bats are native to Mexico and the United States. They mate during the fall, and the gestation period is approximately 60 days. Big eared bat colonies are composed of 12 to 200 members.

• The vast majority of bat related calls, 85 percent to be exact, involve complaints about brown bats living in the attic of a house or commercial facility. Brown bats are a primary carrier of rabies in the United States. Brown bat colonies are composed of 1000 or more members. Brown bat guano carries a significant number of dangerous parasites.

• Little brown bats are slightly larger than little browns. They live in colonies, eat insects and are attracted to attics.


Affordable Spring TX Bat Removal Services

The Critter Team is an expert wildlife management company that provides city of Spring bat removal, bat guano clean up, bat in attic, dead bat, bat in house, bat infestation, bat control and bat removal services. Bats can cause serious health problems for families, employees and volunteers. The Critter Team can eliminate nuisance bat problems in Spring TX. Call The Critter Team right away at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bat consultation. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business located in Houston Texas that offers free consultations, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.