Expert Nuisance Bird Removal and Bird Control Services in Spring Texas


If you’ve ever had to deal with a flock of wild birds descending on your home or business, you know how hard it can be to remove them from your property. Controlling nuisance birds such as the European starling, house sparrow and common grackle requires the expertise of a professional wildlife management company. The Critter Team provides expert bird removal, bird control, bird trapping and bird exclusion services in Spring Texas and the greater Houston area.



The Critter Team specializes in the removal of all nuisance species from residential and commercial locations, including birds, snakes, skunks, rats, armadillos, raccoons, squirrels and more. If you have birds in attic, bird in chimney or birds in vents, call The Critter team today at 281-667-0171 to speak with a bird management expert.

Bird Exclusion Services in Spring TX

The Critter Team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property before recommending the bird proofing products, building alterations and habitat modifications that will eliminate your nuisance bird problem. Our experienced bird removal specialists will identify all potential entry points and roosting sites in order to tweak the environment just enough to make your property unappealing to wild birds.

Typical Spring Texas habitat modifications include the installation of screen, sealing ventilation pipes and installing bird spikes on roosting sites. Birds like to hang out on the corners of buildings, overhangs, exposed rafters, I-beams, ledges and other convenient architectural features. Once nuisance birds find a suitable roosting site, they will return day after day to squawk, poop and shed feathers.

• Habitat modification
• Bird netting installation
• Bird fogging
• Bird spike installation
• Bird trapping
• Bird in vent
• Birds in attic
• Bird in soffit or overhang
• Bird in store
• Birds on sign
• Shock track installation
• Bird exclusion barriers
• Bird gel
Bird in chimney

Nuisance Birds in Spring Texas

Among the most problematic nuisance bird species in Spring TX are the sparrow, starling, pigeon, Canada goose, chimney swift, woodpecker, seagull and several varieties of blackbird. Feral pigeons enjoy roosting on window sills, building ledges, signs, roof overhangs and beams. The Critter Team has also found pigeons living in HVAC systems, attics and other inappropriate locations. Canada Geese like to congregate in large flocks and take over businesses, residential yards, parks and golf courses. Woodpeckers are territorial birds that will destroy the wood siding and trim on your home, business or industrial facility.

Nuisance birds can make an unsightly mess in a hurry. Please be aware that bird feces is a known source of mold, mildew, Bird Flu and other diseases. Wild birds are also carriers of fleas, mites, bacteria and other disease inducing agents. Wild birds make horrible tenants. Call The Critter Team for expert bird exclusion and bird control services in Spring Texas.

Professional Bird Control Services in Spring TX

The Critter Team knows how to get rid of nuisance birds. We’ve learned what attracts wild birds, and we know how to fix things so that they will keep flying when they look down on your home, business or facility. Nuisance birds are stubborn animals. They have no intention of giving up their favorite roosting and nesting sites.

The Critter Team is a licensed and insured wildlife management company serving Spring Texas and the greater Houston area. We specialize in bird trapping, birds in attic, birds in chimney, bird exclusion and bird proofing. Give us a call at 281-667-0171 to schedule a bird control and bird exclusion appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers humane wildlife removal services, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.