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Armadillo Removal and Armadillo Trapping

Armadillo Trapping and Relocation in Houston Texas. If you live in the greater Houston area, you’re probably familiar with armadillos. Most people consider them to be annoying pests, especially home and business owners that have invested a good deal of money and perspiration in landscaping. The Critter Team understands how hard it can be to get rid of an armadillo. That’s why we offer professional armadillo removal and control services. The truth is that professional armadillo trapping is by far the most effective way to get rid of an armadillo, not to mention that dug up yard that has nearly brought you to tears. Call The Critter Team today at 281-667-0171 to schedule an appointment, and get rid of that pesky armadillo once and for all.

Opossum on the Half Shell

Opossum on the half shell is a strange nickname, but that’s how many Texans refer to armadillos. Sure, armadillos are odd looking mammals. Most of their body, everything except the belly, is armored with a shell composed of flexible bony plates, giving them somewhat of a prehistoric appearance.
Zoologists have identified no less than 20 species of armadillo, including three, six and nine-banded armadillos. The number of bands refers to the number of segments, or boney plates, common to the various species. North American armadillos are the nine-banded variety. The network of boney plates allows the armadillo to be quick and agile. Female armadillos give birth to four identical baby dillos in the month of March and require a full year to mature. An adult armadillo weighs around 12 pounds.
The diet of an armadillo consists of small invertebrates, including earth grubs, worms, mole crickets, cockroaches, beetle larvae, termites, army worms, yellow jackets, wasps, grasshoppers, flies and ant larvae. They use their pig-like snout and peg-like teeth to dig these and other delicacies out of your yard.
A single armadillo can consume 200 pounds of bugs in a calendar year. That’s a lot of yard and landscaping. Home and business owners often complain about armadillo activities such as a hole dug in yard, burrow in mulch bed and tunnel in yard. Armadillos make their living by digging. They aren’t likely to bite, but be wary of their strong claws.

Pesky Armadillos

Armadillos seem to get along pretty well in the wild, but they can really wreak havoc with a manicured lawn, flower bed or vegetable garden. Armadillos dig quickly and efficiently, leaving mounds of plowed soil in their wake. They are nocturnal creatures, so home and business owners usually get the bad news that an armadillo has moved into the neighborhood on an otherwise pleasant morning.
Many Texans spend a small fortune on landscaping. Who can blame them for not wanting their work and investment to be destroyed by an overachieving armadillo. There are also instances when an armadillo can cause structural damage by burrowing under buildings, decks, sidewalks or HVAC equipment.
The best way, perhaps the only way, to remove a troublesome armadillo is to seek the assistance of a professional wildlife removal company that has experience trapping and relocating armadillos. Repellant products are ineffective, and it may be illegal for a private party to trap and relocate an armadillo. The Critter Team is a licensed wildlife removal company that offers humane armadillo trapping and relocation services. There’s no need to kill the animal in most instances. It’s no surprise that armadillos are regarded as pests. Armadillos can dig and burrow with the best of them. Some of the most common armadillo control related complaints are listed below:
•Large tunnel under the house

•Dug up yard

• Burrowing under structures

Burrow in mulch bed

Uprooted landscaping

• Cracked concrete

•Pipes sinking due to burrowing

• Hole dug in yard

• Tunnel in yard

•Armadillo is causing pets to be alarmed

How to Remove an Armadillo

Even though armadillos aren’t particularly bright, it isn’t easy to catch them in a trap. There simply isn’t any bait that will lure an armadillo into an improperly placed trap. Only an experienced armadillo trapper understands the subtle clues that armadillos unknowingly leave behind. The traps must be placed in the right area, facing the right direction, and prepared with just the right amount of dirt padding as well as a number of other important factors. The job of the trapper is to steer the animal into the trap. The job may actually require several traps.

Professional Armadillo Removal

If an armadillo, or a family of armadillos, is getting on your nerves, contact the wildlife removal professionals at The Critter Team. An experienced armadillo trapper will remove and relocate the pest so that you can enjoy your yard again. The Critter Team serves cities and towns in the greater Houston area. Please call 281-667-0171 to schedule an armadillo removal appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran owned business that offers estimates, affordable prices and unrivaled customer service.