Attic Restoration Services

Attic Clean Out Overview

Your home’s attic is one of the places that a lot of animals and insects are going to be drawn to when they have made their way into your home. It is an area people rarely go into, it is sheltered from the elements, and it is going to be warm and dry. Once animals and insects have gotten in, there is a very specific set of steps that need to be followed so that you can restore your attic back to the way that it is supposed to be.

Main Attic Restoration Service Areas



Animal Removal

First and foremost, whatever pest that you are dealing with needs to be removed. Professionals from The Critter Team will come in and assess what type of infestation that you have and will do what is necessary to get them out. This may include chemical or all-natural sprays, trapping processes, or physical removal. Nothing can be done to fix the problem before every pest has been removed from your home. This part of the process may require multiple steps to make sure that they are all successfully removed.

Soiled Insulation Clean Up

Once the animals have been removed, it is time to clean up the mess that they have made. These animals can do a lot more damage that you may think. Urine, feces, soiled insulation and wood, and nesting materials are going to need to be cleaned up and removed from the attic. This is an important part of the process or other animals may smell the remnants and make their way in too. During this part of the process, you will also need to clean and disinfect the area because pest can leave behind a plethora of diseases, parasites, and filth that can make your family extremely sick.

Animal Damage Repair

Many times, when these animals make their way in, they have destroyed something in the process. They could have chewed through wood or messed up the metal vents that ventilate your attic. They may have chewed on support beams or rafters that will need to be replaced. The Critter Team will help you understand what the weak points of the attic are and what can be done. During this part of the process, ask The Critter Team about their animal exclusion installations. Repairing the physical structures within the attic and the areas around the roof is an extremely important part of the process because if this step is not done properly, they are just going to get back in.

Insulation Restoration

The Critter Team has professionals that can get the insulation back in the attic and get the attic back up to code. They can take the proper measurements to make sure that the insulation is up to par with the United States Department of Energy. When the insulation in your attic is done in a quality way, by a quality team, it will save you a ton of money on your energy bills over the course of a year.

You have to handle this process in the right way if you want it done the right way. It needs to be done in such a way so that you do not have to deal with this type of infestation ever again. It will help to save your house from severe damage and save your family from having to be around the filth that these pests bring with them.