Mole Trapping Services

Mole Control Overview

The Critter Team is well-suited to handle whatever pest problem that you are dealing with on your property or in your home. There are a lot of different pests that could decide to try and move their way into your home or onto your property. We are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to be able to handle any of them. One of the pests that we can handle, and most people don’t even realize can cause damage until it happens to them is moles. They are an animal that can tear up a person’s yard and destroy their landscaping.


Moles are small mammals that live and burrow underground. They have eyes and ears that really don’t do very much for them. These animals rely mostly on their sense of smell and their ability to sense vibrations. Moles are active all year round, but most of the time it is the spring and summer when people notice the damage that they do. Although many people believe they are nocturnal, this is not the case. Moles are active all throughout the day and night, whenever they need to eat or find a new place to live. They dig tunnels with their well-equipped front limbs in order to move around and to locate their food sources, worms and grubs.

Damage Caused

One or two moles can do a lot of damage throughout someone’s yard and garden. You will notice the mounds that are left from their burrowing around throughout your property. Although they are carnivorous, they are destroying plants because as they burrow, they are digging the dirt away from the roots of plants. This is leaving the plants without a way to get the nutrients they need and, as a result, they die. Their tunnels are also useful to other animals, like voles, who will use them to find the roots and bulbs they like to feed on. The damage that they cause is a result of the way they live and not a direct destruction of their feeding habits.

Solving The Problem

The Critter Team is equipped to help you deal with the moles who are destroying your lawn and killing the plants in your garden. They are the type of pest that needs to be trapped and removed. There is not going to be a process where there is a spray that is used or a chemical that is needed. It is an environmentally safe process and non-invasive for your property and the children and pets that may be running around as well.

Main Mole Trapping Service Areas

We are able to set effective, humane traps that will trap the animals so that we can remove them. We can assess where they are coming from, the best place to set the traps, remove the animals, and educate you on how to keep them from coming back. If you wanted to take care of the problem yourself, we can come out and let you know the best type of traps to use and where the best places will be to set them up. We can help you with your mole problem in whatever way you need our help.