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Predators are a necessity in nature because they serve a genuine purpose in maintaining the natural balance of life. They help to control rodent and small mammal populations throughout their environment. Although they are necessary, there are some that can become a nuisance animal when they decide to make themselves at home on your property or in your backyard. It can be scary when you finally realize that they are there. One of the most common predators that you may notice on your property is coyotes.

Coyote Diet

Coyotes are an adaptable animal that can be found all across North American and they can thrive throughout a wide range of different climates and environments. They are opportunistic omnivores that will eat whatever they can catch. Coyotes prey on any small animals such as rabbits, rats, squirrels, pets, gophers, and any other animal that is smaller than them and available for them to catch. They will also scavenge on dead animals and rummage through the garbage. They will also eat grasses and berries that are available in the spring and summer. They can be attracted to areas where people reside because of the multitude of different food supplies.

Coyote Habitat

The nature of these animals makes it difficult to know that they are even there because you may not even see the animal. They do all that they can to avoid interaction with people but they are suited to surviving in suburban areas due to their sly, clever ways. There’s a good chance that you will not even realize that they are around your property until you spot them one night when you are standing on your back deck enjoying a glass of wine. Some people did not notice their presence until their family pet is harmed, or even killed, by a coyote.

Coyote Control

Once you do notice their presence, the professionals from The Critter Team can help to make sure that you, your family, your property, and your pets are safe from the coyotes that have made themselves comfortable. Our professionals are trained with the most modern, humane systems of trapping and removing these animals. They will trap these animals and remove them to areas where they can live and not have to interact with people in order to survive. They will also teach you about predator hazing which is an effective method in keeping them from coming back.

They will help you to understand the proper steps to take to keep them away or to coax them off the property. They will educate you about effective habitat modification such as fencing, taking away the vegetation they use for cover, and removing the areas where their prey may reside. They will arm you with the information that you need to make sure that you reduce their reason for being on your property in the first place. We can also offer you hazing methods. This hazing is a way to condition the coyote to be afraid of people so that they will avoid them at all costs.

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