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Ridge-Guard® was made available just last year.  

Animals in the attic are a common call that WCOs respond to. Many wildlife control operators in North Houston deal with animals in the attic due to old, warped, or poorly installed roof ridge vents. Homeowners want to get animals out of the attic, and keep them out, and at a reasonable price.  Ridge-Guard® has filled the gap between total ridge cap tear-offs and keeping animals out of the atticIn the past, the time intensive removal of the ridge vent, installation of hardware cloth and replacement of the ridge vent, meant a longer job time and higher job cost for homeowners.  With Ridge-Guard®, WCOs can skip steps and effectively proof the vent with a long-lasting product that has low visual impact.

  • THE PROBLEM: Ridge vents are installed to vent attics all across the country, but they warp and crack, allowing easy entry for pests
  • ONCE INSIDE: Easy entry for pests means Feces, Mites, Fleas, Bat Bugs, Damaged HVAC, Damaged Insulation, Urine Stains & Viruses are possible and likely.
  • The SOLUTION: Installation of Ridge-Guard® eliminates the need in most cases of replacing old ridge vents. Stop pests at a 50% savings without tear-offs. Ridge-Guard® is a heavy-duty American-made product with a lifetime guarantee.

The Critter Team has become a Certified Ridge-Guard® installer and Authorized Distributor for the North Houston Metro Area. We are excited to be the premier company to supply and install the high quality Ridge-Guard® products to further the home owners ability to resolve wildlife conflicts between home owners and local wildlife. 

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