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Skunk Removal and Control Services

What’s that awful smell? Oh no, not a skunk. No one wants to mess with a skunk. That’s why home and business owners call The Critter Team in Houston TX for effective skunk removal and also removal of other wild animals, including rats, bats, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, birds and more. The Critter Team provides comprehensive skunk trapping services in the greater Houston area. Whether you have a skunk under deck, under patio, under shed, or in yard, The Critter Team is a leading authority on Houston skunk control and skunk trapping. Call The Critter Team today at (281) 667-0171 to receive an on-site inspection and affordable skunk control.

Skunk Trapping

When it comes to skunks and other nuisance wildlife, The Critter Team is prepared to meet any challenge. Skunks are mischievous creatures. The smell is bad enough, but they can also cause extensive damage to your yard or home. Our extensive experience in the Houston wildlife removal and skunk trapping industry has placed us in a position to deal with any skunk related issue, including skunk in a trap, skunk cleanup, dead skunk removal and, of course, our invaluable skunk trapping service. The Critter Team is licensed, insured and our Wildlife Professionals staff are highly trained in Houston wildlife control, Removal, exclusion, skunk trapping and general wildlife management services. We remove nuisance wild animals in a humane manner and serve residential, commercial and industrial customers in Houston TX.

Nuisance Skunk Issues

Skunk Removal

  • Skunks In Crawlspaces
  • Skunks Under Porches
  • Skunks Under Buildings
  • Skunk Contaminated Insulation
  • Skunks In Yards
  • Skunks Under Decks
  • Skunks Under Patios
  • Skunks Under Sheds
  • Skunks In Vents
  • Skunks In A Traps

Skunk Control

Skunks belong to the weasel family, move slowly and have jet black fur with white stripes or spots running down their back. They are approximately the size of a domestic cat. Skunks are best known for emitting a pungent odor that travels great distances to ward off potential predators. The foul odor is an irritant to eyes and other senses. Skunks are omnivorous and nocturnal mammals. They eat anything from garbage and pet food to rodents, insects, grubs, earthworms, snakes and amphibians. Skunks should only be removed by a Houston area professional skunk control specialist.

Eliminating Pest Skunks

Eliminating the nuisance of a skunk infestation can be tedious and time-consuming. The Critter Team has the expertise and equipment to humanely remove skunks from the premises of a home, business or industrial facility. The scent of skunk musk can last a long time, so attempting to remove a skunk on your own is never a good idea. Skunks are more than an odor control issue. They will dig in your landscaped yard, around your home or business, and under structures. Skunks are alert and smart animals. They can be difficult to trap. Don’t allow those Houston TX skunks to take over your yard or building. Give The Critter Team a call and schedule a skunk control appointment. Skunks use their stout legs and strong five-toed feet to dig in gardens and under buildings. They have a tendency to wander into yards and buildings to search for food and dens. They carry diseases, including rabies, distemper, and tularemia, capable of harming both people and pets. Skunks also carry ticks, fleas, mites, tapeworms and other disease-causing parasites. Skunks possess one of the most feared defense mechanisms ever devised. They can direct their spray up to 20 feet away, inflicting nausea, intense pain, and even temporary blindness.

Skunk Habitat Modification

When restricted to their natural habitat, skunks play an important role in nature by controlling insect populations. Skunks present a number of significant problems, however, when they take up residence in homes or commercial establishments. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to reduce the chance that a skunk will be attracted to your home or business. For example, garbage cans should be secured, pet food eliminated from outdoor areas, the amount of moisture in areas near buildings limited and areas such as porches and sheds sealed. It’s also a good idea to keep pets indoors at night to prevent smelly encounters with skunks.

Main Skunk Trapping Service Areas

Skunks can cause significant damage if they gain entry into your home. The Critter Team can humanely trap and remove skunks from your home or property. We can also clean and repair contaminated building materials and structural damage. A skunk infestation is a serious health and safety issue. The Critter Team is a Houston wildlife removal company serving towns and cities in the vicinity of Houston TX. If you have a skunk problem, please call The Critter Team today at 281-667-0171 to schedule a skunk removal appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran-owned business that offers estimates, affordable prices, and unrivaled customer service.