Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus)

This bat gets its’ name from the way that their fur makes them look “hoary.” They are covered in a dark brown fur with white tips. This white frosting is all over their body making them easy to identify. They can reach lengths of almost 6 inches long and they also have a range that is very expansive as well. They are a hearty species that spans from South America, through Central America, North America, and even into Canada. They are also found on the tropical island of Hawaii.

They survive in habitats that range from deserts to tropical forests and everything in between. Hoary bats roost mainly in trees but have been seen in caves with other species of bats. They are normally solitary bats unless they are migrating or mating, that feeds mainly on moths but are known to eat other flying insects as well.

Hoary bats are also sexually dimorphic, meaning that the females are up to 40% larger than the males of the species. They mate in the fall and the females store the sperm until they are ready to ovulate and become pregnant. They have their young in June or July. They are not considered to be a threatened species because of their stable population numbers.

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