Squirrels In The Attic



Identifying a squirrel problem

Rodents and other wildlife species can be hard to differentiate once they take up home in your attic or crawl spaces. The following are some of the most recognizable indicators of the presence of squirrels in your home. If you are encountering any of these phenomena, set up an appointment with Trapping USA right away and let us do a free inspection to determine the cause:

  • small, dark, oblong droppings & urine stains, especially if collected into specific areas
  • scratching, rolling, and running sounds in your attic, especially if at dusk and dawn
  • damage to fascia boards, soffits and vents, especially if chewed or with holes
  • nests in trees around your property larger than the usual nests you see made by local duck
  • damaged bird feeders, most often caused by squirrels looking for food
  • heavy chewing on baseboards, trim, beams, and other wooden elements
  • squirrels running along power lines anywhere near your property
  • evidence of chewing on nearby trees and fruits
  • sighting a squirrel entering your home’s exterior or chimney
  • regular squirrel fights in the general vicinity outside the home
  • plants in back yard being chewed down and eaten
  • small humps of dirt, often evidence of squirrels stashing their food

Attic restoration for squirrel infestations

In addition to the filth, damage, and disease rodents can spread throughout your house or business as a whole, the insulation present in attic spaces is especially susceptible to contamination by rodents. What many may not realize is that squirrels are generally far more destructive than rats once they move into your attic.

As mentioned before, squirrels don’t drop waste haphazardly as they travel. They designate specific portions of the area they inhabit as waste areas, and leave their droppings in these sections exclusively. While this does make them cleaner than rats, it also hammers the point home that squirrels see the area they’re in as their actual home.

This will completely clear out any and all traces of rodent activity from your attic for good, and will make your property both unassailable and undesirable to any such animals in the future. This effect will be enforced by a guarantee promising that you will never suffer infestations from the same animal again. If for some reason the animals in question do return, we will remove them again, reinforce our previous work, and do whatever else may be necessary to correct the matter – at no further cost to you.

Trapping USA can help your home or business eradicate a squirrel problem. We use humane, live trapping systems that help remove squirrels safely from your property.

Squirrel Prevention Tips
Squirrels are typically less frequent in households than mice or pigeons. However, it still happens. Over time, whether due to wear and tear or weather, a hole in the attic or roof may allow squirrels entrance. A family of squirrels may then form a nest and live in relative safety and warmth. Prevention is crucial.

Grey and Red squirrels are considered rodents. Their teeth grow, and they gnaw on wood, such as support beams and walls, to wear them down. They cause extensive damage to homes. They also love an attic. It’s their first stop, so start your prevention there.

  • Note any holes or gaps from the exterior
  • Climb into your attic and note gaps that act as potential entry points
  • Seal all identified holes
  • Seal up attic vents using hardware cloth. Mesh cloth does not work to prevent squirrels
  • Trim the limbs of any nearby trees that hang low over your roof. Source

Squirrels are cute little animals that everyone enjoys when they are at a park or running around the neighborhood. But squirrels can cause damage inside an attic; and that is where The Critter Team can come in and repair any damages that they have  caused.

Trees are a typical home of almost any kind of squirrel, but there are times when they feel that an attic is a much safer place. One of the main reason a squirrel goes into an attic is to make a nest and have babies.  They can chew through the siding of a home to gain access. From there they can chew and gnaw at support beams inside the attic that can cause an unsafe environment for the squirrel and homeowner! They are also known for chewing through wiring in attics and causing electrical shortages and fires inside a home.

It is extremely important that The Critter Team is called once a homeowner notices or hears any activity in the attic. Once we do our inspection, we offer a variety of choices to remove the squirrels from a home. Like raccoons, it is not wise to put a trap inside of an attic because it will be ineffective. It can be as simple as repairing the entry points because they are gone or a complete attic clean out.

With any type of exclusion The Critter Team does, we have a one year warranty that will automatically take effect as soon as we are done. Our warranty guarantees that our work will  keep wildlife out of your home, or we will come and do the repair at no charge to you.