Houston Snake Calls Can Be Amusing


I received a call this morning from a woman named Michelle. She needed a Houston Snake Removal service in her back yard and was calling to find out information regarding the services we provide. After talking with her and getting more information about where the snake was, she informed me that someone had came and out snake poison around her yard and asked if that would kill a snake…My answer was no and she did not like that at all. I told her that we can go do a snake inspection of her yard to make sure there are no snakes and to check the are around her house to make sure there were no entry points for snakes to go in her house. She asked about what preventatives we have to prevent snakes from coming in. I told her that we can do snake traps, snake repellent spray or granules, and we can seal her house; if it was necessary; so snakes and other small wildlife, such as rodents, couldn’t get into her house.

After talking with her twice, she decided to think about it and call me back….not the way I wanted to schedule a call. But after an hour she called back and actually scheduled for a technician  to go out and do an inspection. To say the least I was surprised, she was very short when I was talking to her and acted like she didn’t wasn’t to hear anything I was saying. But it is all in a days work!