Texas Wildlife Are Entering Homes To Escape The Cold

Image of wolf in the winter snow

The Houston, TX area is experiencing unexpected winter weather conditions, and residents are retreating into their homes to escape the cold. Just like we’re searching for a warm place, so are Texas wildlife. Where are the animals going? Often the most convenient place for a wild animal to escape the cold is in human-made structures (homes, attics, garages, etc.), resulting in residents finding some unwanted company on their property.

These creatures invade our homes through openings in the building’s exterior, including small gaps in the siding and roofing. For larger animals such as birds, chimneys, windows, and other areas designed to be left open can be a gateway.

Human development in Houston has altered local wildlife natural habitats, and regular winter nesting sites may not be available. Such animals include birds, bats, rats, deer, bears, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, and wolves. It’s best to contact a professional pest control service to remove these animals during the winter.

What Animals Are Invading Homes In The Winter?

Photo of a Texas squirrel in snow

Animals big and small can take cover inside your house during the winter. Small animals such as rats and squirrels can chew electrical wire in your home, while larger animals such as bears, deer, and wolves might just be looking for a bite to eat in your garbage cans.

In small openings and also in your chimney, birds can make nests. Mice or rats can enter through small spaces in attics and basements to create a home. Most attics have vents that provide plenty of room for bats, raccoons, and squirrels to enter. Animals such as opossums and armadillos will seek entry under porches and other structures beneath the house.

With proper lighting on your property along with secure garbage containers, bigger animals such as deer, coyotes, and bears can be easily scared away. It is best to contact a professional pest control expert to safely remove them if you see or suspect unwanted guests living in or near your home.

How Are The Pests Getting In And Where Do They Live?

During the Texas winter, these cold-weather invaders can take refuge and enter your home using a few different strategies. Through roofs, chimneys, unsecured windows, siding gaps, and under the foundation, both small and large animals may enter your house. If the weather gets too cold, animals will tear away siding or chew holes to gain entry.

Once the animals are inside your home, they can live in attics, basements, and other areas where they feel safe/warm. Rodents will take refuge in the storage of clothes and bedding. Chimneys can be home to all kinds of birds and bats that can build nests inside them.

To help themselves get closer to these entrance areas around your house, animals can use the trees and limbs. Simple preventative measures such as trimming trees near the home or sealing entry points can deter most Houston pests.

Why Having Wild Animals In Your Home Is A Problem?

Picture of bats roosting in attic

Animals looking for a place to call home in the wintertime can cause many problems when they invade your home, including damage to your home’s structure and the possibility of spreading diseases to your family and pets.

Wildlife attacks often happen in the home because of improper removal techniques. Winter invaders often have young with them and will attack if they feel their children are being threatened.

If a squirrel chews on some wires in your home, it can start a fire that will lead to your home being completely lost. Squirrels have teeth that are continually growing and need to chew to grind them down. If a squirrel decides to inhibit your attic for the winter, the pest will likely chew on electrical wires.

Wildlife in or around the home will also cause problems near trash cans or in gardens. The animals will continue to raid those areas if there is a continuous food supply.

How To Prevent Winter Wildlife Invaders?

By eliminating their chances, the best way to stop wildlife from entering your home and property is to take a proactive approach. To prevent these creatures from entering your home, there are some significant steps to take.

Start by checking the siding and roofing areas for openings and cracks in your home. Seal out any opening for these creatures to get in, patch up all cracks and replace damaged wood.

To keep birds and other animals out of your chimney, make sure to cover the top with wire mesh. Use garden fencing to keep from eating your hard work if you have a garden or other edible it.

To prevent animals from rummaging through garbage bins, secure the containers. Keeping a motion lighting sensor near the cans will help keep large wildlife intruders away.

Make sure to store clothing and bedding items inside your house in sealed containers to keep out nesting mice and rats. Seal food containers in pantries and regularly check for dropping or signs of biting.

What to Do If Animals Have Invaded Your Home During the Winter?

This winter in Houston has been brutal, and the freezing conditions make wildlife removal much more difficult. The animals have likely entered the home to provide warmth for their young. Attempting to remove the pests can result in an animal attack and should be done safely.

If an animal has made its way into your home during the winter, contact wildlife removal experts at The Critter Team. They are equipped to relocate the pests completely and install prevention devices to ensure the animals don’t return. If a pest has invaded your home, give us a call (281) 667-0171.