TGR Exotics Wildlife Park

TGR Exotic Wildlife Park takes you on an urban experience filled with animals from worldwide. Spring Texas Information.

The park is the work of Troy and Gwen Scott, enthusiastic animal lovers who started with simply a few animals and soon grew their collection into a north Houston tourist attraction. At TGR, you’ll come face to face with more than 100 animals representing over 25 different types. Camels, red kangaroos, llamas and a Bengal tiger are simply a few of the animals inside this urban safari.

All of the animals at TGR are raised hands on, making them rather comfy with humans and letting their unique personalities come through.

TGR is readily available for private tours, celebrations and other occasions. Public trips are not available every day, so inspect the schedule for timing. Tours are $10 per person and kids 2 and under are totally free.