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Exterminating Rats

Looking for a The Woodlands rat exterminator? There are all different types of pest animals and insects that people may have to deal with in their home. One of the most common nuisance animals that people deal with is rats. They are common, there are many different species, and they are the type of animal that will adapt to any environment that they have access to. Roof rats are one of the types of rats that you may find to be making a home for themselves in your home or on your property. You will need the educated professionals of The Critter Team to assist you in dealing with your unwanted house guests.


Roof rats are a particular species of rats that were brought over to North America, most likely, by the sailors and traders that made their way over hundreds of years ago from Europe. They reach a size of 7 to 8 inches with their tails adding another 8 to 10 inches. They are dark in color with coarse brown or black fur. As their name suggests, they prefer areas that are high up like rooftops, attics, trees, and any other elevated area that they can turn into their home. They are a species that live in colonies, so you can be sure that where there is one, there are many.

Entry Into Homes

They can thrive in areas where people live because of the availability of food that they have at their disposal. They enjoy feeding on grains, garbage, seeds, whatever is growing in the garden, and fruits. They utilize things like trees and utility lines to gain access to the roof and attic of your home and other structures so that they can find a way inside. They are looking to get inside to either get out of the cold or to find a place to birth and raise their young.

3 Types Of Nuisance Rats

  1. Black Rat ( Rattus rattus)
  2. Norway or Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  3. Roof Rat / Attic Rat (Rattus rattus Alexandrinus)

Rat Damages and Dangers

They are a powerful animal for their size and have the ability to chew and scratch their way through most materials. They can destroy wood, metal, ductwork, brick, wires, and anything they feel they need to get through. Their feces and urine can also cause damage to these types of materials as well. Aside from the physical damage they can cause, they also pose a health threat for people as well. It has been long established that they were the cause of one of the most historic disease outbreaks in history, the bubonic plague. They carry a wide range of parasites and diseases like the plague, typhus, fleas, ticks, salmonellosis, and jaundice. Their presence can cause illness and even death in severe cases. When you combine the physical damage they do with the health risks they can pose, they are a pest that needs to be taken care of immediately once their presence is realized.

Main Rat Removal And Control Service Areas

Call The Critter Team to help you with your rat removal. We are trained to handle a difficult pest such as these. We understand how these animals work and we know how to find, trap, remove, and clean up their destruction.

rodent entry in roof

One of the many common mistakes a person can do is to underestimate rats. Most strategies that involve in getting rid of these nuisance critters are putting mouse traps and using poisonous materials. These steps can be proven effective if the nuisance critter involved are only minimal. If they have already established a colony, you would only be squandering your resources which would be much more costly, to begin with. Mouse catching is very synonymous with these nuisance critters trapping. But because of the nuisance critter being much more intelligent and cunning than a mouse, people tend to spend more time catching these nuisance critters. An electric trap for these nuisance critters can be used to catch them but it will be costly. The more traditional way of catching these nuisance critters is to use traps that are made with glue and snap. This kind of trap does not really do the job because it leaves the nuisance critter being in a state of near death which people protest or neglect

prevent rats from entering the attic

stops vent warping

doing the next step.

Like most nuisance critters, these vermins are unsanitary and can be carriers of various diseases. If they are not attended to, they can do a lot of damage to your house and building. They tend to chew everything from wood cabinets to wires of home appliances. If you find yourselves in the midst of these nuisance critters, learning to get rid of them is the most important consideration. The common steps include learning where they are living and what attracts these nuisance critters. Looking for places that are possible for them to live in is the first step and probably the most important step to getting rid of these nuisance critters. It is plausible that these nuisance critters tend to live both in the inside and outside of the place where you work or where you live in. If your house is involved these nuisance critters could probably be living in abandoned cars. These nuisance critters are attracted to places that are dark, hard to get in to and probably less to no humans visible in the area. What really attracts these nuisance critters is the food that is not properly disposed of or cleaned. Grubs lying on the floor or on the table will attract these nuisance critters. They usually look for grubs during the night where people is likely to be sleeping already. There are some ways to prevent these nuisance critters from ever coming or returning to your house or building. The most common thing an individual can do is to put a lid on their garbage can.

Rodent exclusion for home

Ridge-Guard® installed

Doing this can stop the nuisance critter from attracting them since they are usually roaming around to find food. If you have any food being put away in storage always keep it properly sealed. You could use any plastic bags or reusable bags for those that are not fond of using plastic. Residents usually have pets in their homes. Having pet food on your house will also attract these nuisance critters. A homeowner should always put their pet food where these nuisance critters cannot reach it. If you have any bushes around your house always remember to trim it as often as to prevent these nuisance critters from having any more places to hide from. These are just some things that an individual can do to prevent these nuisance critters from attracting or returning to your office or home. When doing the exclusion yourself, please avoid using any equipment or chemicals that may be harmful or fatal to these nuisance critters. Using harmful chemicals may have an effect on people living in your house or working in the office. Aside from that, if the nuisance critters were baited using any of the poisonous chemicals or traps that proved to be fatal for them, not only will they die but will also cause more trouble by having to look for the dead carcass of the said creature.

The smell will be harder to expunge because you cannot find the body of the nuisance critter that is decomposing. A professional licensed and insured trapping expert can do the job with ease and will cost you less and will be stress-free. If you happen to be near me, give me a call and we will schedule the removing appointment.