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The Woodlands Information

The Woodlands is a well-planned community in the state of Texas. It covers three metropolitan areas- The Woodlands, Houston, and Sugar Land.
The area attracts people from all over the world because it offers leisure in different forms – from great shopping experiences to spending some time with the beauty of Mother Nature; there is never a dull moment at the Woodlands in Texas. As a result, many people have learned to make this place part of their holiday plans.


Besides being a well-planned community, The Woodlands is a census-designated place too. It has an area of 113.6 square km ( approximately 43.9 square miles). Almost 99.5% of this area is land. The rest is water. A big portion of this area is covered by trees, which accounts for some of its natural beauty. The locals occasionally use these trees for shading and decorations.


As The Woodlands has been developed in a heavily forested area, it features a humid subtropical climate. In winter, the highest average temperature that can be possibly achieved is 60 degrees-Fahrenheit (or 15 degree Celsius)and the lowest average temperature always remains 40 degrees-Fahrenheit (4 degree Celsius). In summer, the highest average temperature is 94 degrees-Fahrenheit (34 degree Celsius) and the lowest temperature is about 72 degrees-Fahrenheit (22 degree Celsius).


The Woodlands is the brainchild of an oil industry investor named George P. Mitchell. Mitchell began by attending a conference that was about developing HUD-financed Title-VII towns. After the conference, he planned to build a city among the trees. Thus the idea of The Woodlands came.
He started working on this project and made it a reality. He founded the Woodlands and handed over the responsibilities of managing the community to The Woodlands Corporation. This corporation was an extension of his company – Mitchell Energy & Development.

After that, The Woodlands has gone through mergers and acquisitions quite a few times. The introduction of The Woodlands-Township was the merger between the Community-Associations of Woodlands and the Town Center Improvement-District of Montgomery-County. On July 31, 1997, Morgan Stanley (A renowned American multinational investment bank & finance Service) and the Crescent Real-Estate Equities went on a partnership and acquired The Woodland Corporation.

The Rouse Company would later acquire the Crescent’s interest in December 2003. After a year, General-Growth Properties bought The Rouse-Company on November 12, 2004, and became an owner of The Woodlands Corporation. Presently, the Howard Hughes Development-Corporation owns The Woodlands as it bought the community ownership in 2011.

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According to the records from the 2010 census, 93,847 people live in The Woodlands. Among those, 88.4% are white while 2.4% are black and 0.3% is comprised of American Indian and the Alaska Natives. There was also 4.9% Asian, while the rest of the population was comprised of Native Hawaiian and the other Pacific Islanders. The current estimated population of The Woodlands is 116,278.


To ensure proper education, various schools, colleges and, universities have been established in The Woodlands. The Woodlands High-School (TWHS) as well as Magnolia High-School, The Woodlands College-Park High School, and Tomball High-School are some public schools established in The Woodlands.

McCullough Junior High-School, Tomball Junior High-School, the Knox Junior High-School, Bear-Branch Junior High-School etc. are some of the junior high schools around the area. When it comes to private schools in the Woodlands area, we have The Woodlands Christian-Academy, John Cooper School, , The Woodlands Preparatory-School are some private schools in The Woodlands.

Sam Huston State-University and Lone-Star College are known for providing quality higher education in the The Woodlands. There is also a private non-profit university called Our-Lady of the Lake-University.


The Woodlands area offers entertainment in different forms. For a luxury shopping and dining experience, there is an outdoor mall called The Market Street. For people searching for a shopping opportunity at fairly reasonable prices, the Portofino Shopping-Center is your go-to place.


The Woodlands has a wide range of delectable cuisines and great dining spots to offer. Besides Portofino Shopping-Center, the Waterway Square offers a variety of foods available at pocket-friendly prices. There is also the Woodlands Mall that offers different food items at different prices.

Parks and Open Spaces

The Woodlands has nature lovers well-taken care of as well. There are various parks and open spaces where you can simply check in and unwind as you enjoy the majestic beauty of nature. Among those, the North-Shore Park is famous for picnic spaces and boating opportunities. There is also the George Mitchell Natural-Preserve for those who prefer an up-close experience with Mother Nature.

Concert Places

The Woodlands offers great concert venues for the outgoing souls and party animals out there. The Cynthia-Woods Mitchell Pavilion is one of the most popular concert venues here, featuring a beautiful ambience and complete with all amenities for holding a concert. Dosey Doe is another notable venue for concerts and similar events.


The Woodlands is one of the finest communities ever created in the USA. Though at the primary stages it was not likely to come out as a successful project, it is indeed a great place to explore, work or even settle permanently.