Wild Stallion Vineyards

Wild Stallion Vineyards started with the planting of a little test site in 2008 of Blanc du Bois grapes, a range of the ubiquitous Vitis viniferia most suited to the Gulf Coast region. Blanc du Bois grapes produce a dry, fruity red wine which has won lots of medals in national and international competitions. Spring Texas Information.

Located just south of The Woodlands, Wild Stallion Vineyards opened to the general public in 2013. Based upon their strong Christian beliefs, Larry and Karen Cress integrate their worths into the method WSV is operated. Member of the family help in management and day-to-day operation of Wild Stallion Vineyards, with Lisa Cress McCall serving as Event Manager and Sara Cress as the Executive Chef of the full commercial on site cooking area. The 14-acre property is house to Blanc du Bois grapevines, an Event Center, and an outside phase with a dance floor. Wild Stallion Vineyards hosts weddings/receptions, bridal and infant showers, business events, cooking classes, red wine tastings, private events and more. We aim to concentrate on making your concepts possible.