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Almost no one wants a snake in their house, garage or yard. If you see one snake, you will most likely have several snakes around your property that are hidden. Some will be poisonous snakes. Others will not be venomous snakes, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want them in your home or garage. For snake identification and snake removal in Atascocita Texas, contact us today.

Common Types of Snakes

Rat snakes, copperheads, green snakes, black snakes and corral snakes abound in the Atascocita TX area. Here is some information on commonly found snakes in the Atascocita area which may need snake removal.

Copperhead Snakes

Snake Trapping

Snake in yard

Copperhead snakes are plentiful in the Atascocita area. These vipers are poisonous snakes, but their venom will most likely not kill a human. Still, being bitten by one of these snakes is not a pleasant experience. Unlike rattlesnakes, these snakes will not warn a person before they bite. They just bite when they feel threatened.

These colorful snakes have a reddish brown hourglass pattern on their body, but not their head. They can are found in sunny spots on trees and rocks. They eat a large variety of rodents, lizards, frogs and large insects like caterpillars. They like to cool off in the water by swimming in any local water source. Then they’ll cool off under debris, buildings and in any other shady spot they can find and warrant snake removal on your property.

Rat Snakes

Another commonly found type of black snake in Atascocita TX is the rat snake. This snake is not poisonous. It constricts and crushes its prey before it eats the small rodent, lizard, bird or frog. This snake is usually solid black and eats many eggs and small songbirds, which people don’t like. On the other hand, it consumes plenty of rodents, for which people are grateful. These snakes climb well and tend to find their way into garages, homes, and yards quite easily. If you don’t want snakes in yard, snakes in garage or snakes in house, contact us for advice on keeping black snakes off of your property or for snake removal.

Green Snakes

Rough green snakes are one of the many types of snakes that reside in our area. They are slender and bright green, making them easy to tell from many other types of snakes. These snakes prefer to hunt for their prey in trees and remain excellent climbers. They prefer insects, spiders, and invertebrates for food, and keep these populations down. This colorful snake is not poisonous. It can be found hiding under rocks or other types of property debris.

Corral Snake

The Texas corral snake has a colorful pattern of red and black rings separated by smaller yellow rings. These snakes live under leaves, in burrows or under logs. The Texas coral snake in Atascocita Texas eats small snakes and lizards but doesn’t care for rodents. The bite of the coral snake is poisonous, and medical treatment needs to be sought immediately.

Is a snake poisonous or not? Many people don’t want to see a snake, period. If you have a snake in house, snake in garage or snake in yard, you probably have the snake’s relatives around your property, too. Contact us for safe, humane snake prevention and snake removal in the Atascocita TX area today.

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 Snake Removal and Control

Always call The Critter Team in Houston TX when you need to have a nuisance wild animal removed to ensure the health and safety of your family and neighbors. The Critter Team provides comprehensive nuisance wildlife management and removal services in the greater Houston area. Our trained wild animal technicians have the professional knowledge and experience to safely remove all species of nuisance wild animals, including snakes, bees, wasps, groundhogs, squirrels, skunks, moles, bats, opossums, armadillos, birds, raccoons and all other Houston TX wild animals. Call The Critter Team at (281) 667-0171 for snake trapping, onsite inspections, affordable prices and emergency wild animal removal services.
Snake Trapping

Snake in backyard

Snake Removal

The Critter Team is licensed and insured to provide nuisance snake removal services in the Houston area. The Critter Team also specializes in wildlife decontamination and the repair of damaged residential, commercial and industrial property. We offer the most comprehensive snake control services in Houston Texas. Only a Houston snake control and snake removal professional is qualified to remove venomous and non-venomous snakes in the greater Houston TX area. If you’re not absolutely certain that a nuisance snake is harmless, the best course of action is to speak with a professional wildlife management and Houston snake removal company. A wildlife professional is an expert in wild snake identification and removal. A trained snake control specialist also has the tools and equipment to safely remove dangerous Houston TX snakes. The Critter Team is accustomed to safely removing all Houston snake species.

Snake Control Services Offered

  • Snake Inspections
  • Snake Trapping
  • Snakes In Attic
  • Snakes In Hole
  • Snakes in Homes
  • Snakes In Garages
  • Snakes In Yards

Common Problem Snake Species

  • Copperhead
  • Rattlesnake
  • Coral Snake
  • Rat Snake
  • Brown Snake

Snake Trapping

You don’t have to live in the wilderness to find a snake in your home or business. Snakes will show up anywhere that they can find rodents and birds to satisfy their hunger. Snakes have the ability to track the scent of their Houston TX prey. They can crawl along untrimmed branches or slither along the ledges of bricks to reach your residential or commercial roof. They only need a small hole or crack to gain entry into the building. Once a Houston snake enters your attic, they will travel through your walls and floors to reach the rodents that live in your home or business. Speak with The Critter Team to obtain an estimate to have your Houston TX residential or business facility professionally sealed once the rodents and snakes have been removed.

Snake Control

If you want to get rid of Houston snakes in your home or business once and for all, call The Critter Team to remove the snakes and professionally seal your home or business. Remember, snake populations will breed and multiply inside your Houston TX home or business as long as there is an adequate supply of prey. Overgrown vegetation and piles of debris also attract snakes. Be careful! Accurate snake identification is the job of a trained snake professional. For instance, young northern water snakes bear a striking resemblance to northern copperheads. Call The Critter Team at (281) 667-0171 for emergency snake removal assistance. Please leave the snake trapping to the snake trapping professionals from The Critter Team. Snake traps and snake spray are also available. A trained Critter Team wild animal removal specialist will ensure that your pest snake is removed in a safe and humane manner.

Main Snake Removal Service Areas

Snakes and other nuisance wildlife just can’t hide from The Critter Team. We can provide professional snake trapping, snake inspection and remove any Houston TX snake species, including rattlesnake, copperhead snake, brown snake, rat snake and coral snake. The Critter Team can also deal with a venomous snake, snakes in the house, snakes in the garage, snakes in your yard, or snakes in attics. Don’t rely on ineffective snake spray to get rid of dangerous snakes. Call (281) 667-0171 to schedule a wildlife removal appointment. The Critter Team is a veteran-owned business that offers estimates, affordable prices, and unrivaled customer service.