Raccoon in a Fireplace


Raccoon looking at you


So there is not a phone call that is ever the same. There are time where people know what they are wanting and then again there are times that they do not.

Take yesterday for example. A person called stating that they had a raccoon in fireplace and it was staring at him through the glass. To say the least he was scared that it was going to come into his home! I advised him that it was not a problem and we could go and get it. He asked for the price and when I told him he said he would call back. Me personally, if a raccoon trapped as in my fireplace it would have been a no brainer on getting it!!!

Well he called back a half hour later and acted like it was the first time I talked to him. I let him that I had already talked to him and the price was the price and I could not change it. Again he hung up with  no solution to his problem.

And to make things even better, I got a call form a local DIY business because the same person who called me twice was now there!! He was wanting to get the raccoon himself and they advised him that was not a good idea. So they called me yet again and he is wanting my wildlife service operator to now come out and get this little guy that has now been stuck in a fireplace almost all day!! So in the end I had my technician go and get it.

Moral of the story is….don’t wait around and try to figure it out! Call us today and we can get the job done!