Snake Removal


Snakes are the most misconceived animal in the wild, especially in the Houston area! There are many species of snakes in the are, but only four are venomous. Believe it or not snakes are actually good for the ecosystem because they keep the mouse population down.

If your home is not properly sealed snakes can come inside. They can come in from the smallest of holes and once they get in they can go anywhere! The most common place we find snakes in a house is in a bathroom or in a kitchen because of the holes where the pipes come in from. They can travel in the walls to any part of a house including the basement.

The most important thing anyone can do is not panic! Here at The Critter Team are very good at getting snakes out of homes and sealing whatever hole it came in from. We have wildlife service operators who can handle any snake situation. Once we do our initial inspection, the WSO designs a plan that is personally fit for the homeowner to remove the snake and keeping it out.