Houston rat removal

Houston rat removal

Rats are a big problem in Houston. They are often found in and around gardens, open fields and can easily make their way into homes and other buildings. Rats can cause widespread structural destruction and can contaminate entire buildings.

The rat exterminators at the Critter Team can get rid of these pests from your building completely. We are known to offer the best Houston rat control services. We can take care of your rat problems fast using the most effective solution. With us, you’re in good hands!

Our Professional Rat Exterminators

No matter how protected you are against rats, it might not be enough. If you think you have a rat in your building, it’s vital to contact the Critter Team for professional rat exterminators because your home needs to be protected. AT the Critter Team, we take the following steps to eliminate rats from your home.

  • We carry out an inspection to identify these pests, where they hide, and what factors are attracting them.
  • We place non-toxic traps and monitoring stations in strategic locations.
  • We use these for rat control and monitor further activity.
  • We’ll seal all entry points if any are found.
  • We’ll help you create a full report describing your treatment plan.
  • We’ll teach you ways to protect your structures from further infestations.

Why Choose Us For Houston Rat Removal

We know there are different companies for pest control in Houston, and we are thankful that you are considering our services. Here are a few reasons why we are your best choice for Houston rat removal.

  • Full Service

Our team can provide everything you need, whether you need maintenance services, pest prevention education, or inspections by our expert.

  • Industry-leading Treatment

We use state-of-the-art technology with a proven pest control method to ensure your home always remains one step ahead of rat threats.

  • Pest Control Education

We are committed to helping you eliminate rats and other pests from your property and keep them from coming back. Our teams are educated in the handling of rat infestations. We take our time to answer any questions you may have, show you our pest removal process, and help you be more informed.

  • Experienced Pest Control

All our team has years of experience with rat control–our experience matters to the extent that so many homeowners and even other pest control companies recommend us.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our work; if rats get back to your home or create a new hole, we will return and make needed corrections at no additional charge.

We’re Here To Help You

Rats are invasive species and shouldn’t be ignored. If you live in Houston or the surrounding area and need a rat control company, call The Critter Team for the best removal services. We take pride in our services. Our team of expert exterminators can combat rats using efficient methods. Our #1 priority is to make you feel safe at home or work. To set up an appointment with the Critter Team, call 281-667-0171.

Houston rat removal