Bat Calls


The Critter Team gets many different phone calls through out the day and sometimes in the middle of the night. Among many of those different calls, bat calls are always the funniest (in my opinion).

Take yesterday for example. I received a call by a young man who was clearly afraid of something. He explained to me that a bat flew in the living room from the chimney. Now I know that a bat can come down a chimney, not necessarily fly down. He gave me the address to the house, because he wanted this thing gone! He was very scared that it had rabies. I explained that we can go and get it but obviously it would cost them. He started talking to his sister and telling her everything I told him and in the end he said he would call back….ummm okay.

A couple hours later, a woman called me about a bat that flew down the chimney and was in the living room. I knew exactly who this person was, because I already talked to her brother! But I went through the same process explaining to her the same thing I told her brother. Again she said she would call back. Well to say the least I never got a call back last night.

Now this morning I got a call, yes you guessed it, from the same woman. She now said it was in her garage and wanted us to come and do an inspection and  find the bat in the garage. She now has an appointment for our wildlife service operators to come out and resolve this bat problem!

So whatever your problem might be, we can solve it for you!